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    Why Can't I?

    Aw, thanks for those lovely descriptions of his eyes... *spaces out* Anyhoo, the last chapters have been great! I loved when Syd tried to flip him - very funny. Great job, dbrizz! -kate
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    Why Can't I?

    DBrizz, I haven't reviewed one of your stories in FOREVER! But I'm glad I found this - it's really good. I'm so looking forward to more descriptions about his yummy green eyes... :drool: :blush:
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    Season 3 the human cells in the rambali devise...whose wher

    How could it be Sydney? Cuz she would have had to be alive when Rambaldi.. made it or invented it or whatever. So I think Rambaldi... Hopefully they won't try any funky cloning things with the tissue.
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    Hmm... pretty sure they had sex. They just weren't naked on screen, cuz no one really wants to see that much detail. Oh good! I was afraid I had been spoiled! :D
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    Season 3 The Tender Review of Remnants

    Cute review! Kinda like Regina's on Television Without Pity (that's a good thing ;) ). I agree, Will's mission was the greatest!
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    Season 3 Syd and Will

    Okay, I agree that it was something they both needed. But I def. don't think that they should start a relationship right now. Syd is still in love with Vaughn (which she has made abundantly clear with all of her crying all the time). She may love Will, but she doesn't love him as a boyfriend...
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    Season 3 Syd and Will

    Yeah, I agree. But I think it would be fine even if Will didn't come back. Because if he did, they'd have to deal with a whole host of relationship issues and stuff. This way, they can go their separate ways and still know that someone loves them. awww... ^_^
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    Season 3 Quotes

    Syd: I hate her. I mean, I don't... she's nice... Will: You hate her. Syd: Yeah.
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    Season 3 Syd and Will

    Just wanted to know what everyone thought of that. At first I was really shocked that Syd would sleep with him so casually, but at the end they were both really happy about it.
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    Season 3 the breaking point of what exactly?

    As well, they implied that next week she's having her memory jogged, so maybe this eppy was the breaking point for her struggle regarding the surgery. Next week she'll just give in to the regression therapy or surgery.
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    Season 3 Reaction to "Breaking Point"

    edit: double post
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    Season 3 Reaction to "Breaking Point"

    In regards to Lauren in the preview, I don't think we should take it at face value. I mean, I don't think Lauren was some superpower who could slam Sydney up against a wall. Syd's brain is full of anxiety about Lauren, so that will probably show up when she's having her memory jogged. This...
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    Season 3 Reaction to "Prelude"

    Maybe for insurance reasons they're not allowed to have people trying to slice her open. But I'm still surprised it wasn't her in some scenes! I hate stuff like that because it makes it less real. :ph34r:
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    Well, here's the next part. This is my favorite chapter, although I'm kinda bummed that like no one is reading this. But oh well, I hope you guys like this next part!^_^ ******** Part 4 ******** Sydney plastered her spy smile on her face as she and Sark walked into the crowded club. Holding...
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    Season 3 Reaction to "Prelude"

    I was thinking that too when she said, "Oh my god. It's a boy." Not to sound like a little kid, but... duh, Lauren.
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    Season 3 Reaction to "Prelude"

    I was wondering that too and checked the pics at It just says Julia Thorne and "take 3 times a day", but you can't really see what it is. Someone said a while back that they were painkillers.
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    Season 3 Syd and the Scar/Wound

    Hmm, I wonder... I don't realy remember it, since I was mostly hiding my face and screaming, "Make it stop! Ew!" But it was definitely not an umbilical cord! I wonder what the operation was that she had?
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    Season 3 Reaction to "Prelude"

    Yeah, I sort of feel bad for her. I would be jealous! Who can blame her for trying to get Syd out of the way? Well, all the shippers can... :lol:
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    Season 3 The Airstrip Scene -Vaughn loves Syd!

    Sorry, S/V theme? There's an S/V theme? Where have I been?!?
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    Season 3 Reaction to "Prelude"

    She's been thinking about hurting him since Phase One!
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