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    Season 3 Syd and Will

    Just wanted to know what everyone thought of that. At first I was really shocked that Syd would sleep with him so casually, but at the end they were both really happy about it.
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    Title: Rebound Author: kate_jones (that would be me) Rating: PG-13, just to be safe Disclaimer: Okay, you caught me. I’m not actually kate_jones, I’m JJ himself, so I realy do own Alias and Sydney and Vaughn and all the other characters. So there. :P Kidding, kidding. Summary: This is set after...
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    Muchmusic Awards

    For any of you who get the MuchMusic channel, Jennifer Garner is listed as one of the celebrities featured on their Awards show. It is on tonight at 6/9 ET, and will be replayed at later times. I don't know if she's presenting or nominated, but check it out if you get a chance!
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    Remembering You

    Hi everybody. I wrote a new story. It's two years into the future, but all will become clear as you read it. Please review, critique, reply. (The bits in italics are Sydney's flashbacks) *** The two women walked through the park, leaves crunching under their feet. Their arms were linked and...
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    Americans In Paris

    Sadly, I don't own Alias. It's my first story, please read and review! This is sort of after Higher Echelon and before the Getaway, but there's no more SD-6. Chapter 1 “I’ll see you back in L.A.” Vaughn sighed and gave her one of his sad, half smiles. He hated it when she said that, but he...
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