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    How many cried at the end of the series

    I cried like a little girl. I grew up with ALIAS and watched it from the start.
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    Season 5 Who is Prophet 5?

    I don't know. I think it's just some random title they decided to use....
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    Least favorite class at school?

    Chemistry is my worst subject so far. It's hard taking it your Sophomore year... I think I'm failing already....
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    Learning to Drive

    I got my permit through Driver's Ed this summer, when I was 15. I turn 16 in November, so I'll be eligible to get my liscense in December. My dad hates driving with me. But I don't think I'm that bad....
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    I don't have to take it again! I've already reached the requirements to graduate.
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    A-Z of alias #3

    Isotope J is for...
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    Last letter game!

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    Season 5 Season 5

    I really truly do think that this is the last season. Even though I don't want it to be, that's the truth. We'll have to face it someday.
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    Last letter game!

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    A-Z of alias #3

    Sark T is for...
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    A-Z of alias #3

    Francie G is for...
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    Last letter game!

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    National Treasure

    I saw this movie at a friends house, about a month ago. I thought it was really creative, and interesting. I liked it.
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    Sci-Fi Fantastic Four (2005)

    Some of my friends want to go and see this movie when it comes out. It looks OK.
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    The Notebook

    I saw this movie for the first time last night, and I cried like a baby! It's soooo good!! :up:
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    Drama Bend It Like Beckham

    I love this movie. I have it on DVD, and I've seen it like a billion times. And it takes place in England, and I'm like in love with England....
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    What movie did you just watch?

    I just watched The Notebook, for the first time. I cried. It's such a good movie!
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    A-Z of alias #3

    Zombies A is for....
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    Last letter game!

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    A-Z of alias #3

    Unfortunate accident.... (AKA--Season 4 finale!) V is for...
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