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    Catch-All Petition Hub

    Our site, Alias Opinions, is starting a campaign to save Alias. We know that the rumors aren't confirmed that this will be the last season, but we're campaigning to let ABC know that we're concerned about the show's future. We're calling the effort Saving Sydney. Come help out! Saving Sydney
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    Comic Book Movies

    As much as I have loved most of the movies based on my fave comics, I do have a few issues with some of them. My biggest issue is with the X Men movies. Not such a fan of them changing Rogue's character. Its almost like they were trying to merge Rogue with Jubilee. I didn't like her that young...
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    X-Men 3

    3 words: "YAY YAY YAY!!!" I am soooo excited for X3 to come out! Such a fan of the whole francise. Any news on whther or not Beast is going to make an appearance?
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    Superheroes Batman: The Dark Knight

    Does this mean that this is a whole new line of Batman movies having nothing to do with the originals? (not that I would have a problem with this). I mean, the Joker was introduced and defeated in the first Batman, so if this does come out, then it would have to take a completely different road...
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    Kronc's New Groove

    Doubt it. Disney shut down its traditional animation department after Home on the Range. From now on all they're doing is computer animated movies.
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    Season 5 Micheal Vartan

    No offense, but if you knew she would be ticked, then why say it? sad as I am that Vaughn might be dead, I'm not as extrememly devistated as everyone else. Yes, I loved his character, but I think this may be a chance to see Syd grow in a way that she otherwise wouldn't have been...
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    Season 5 New Vaughn Rumour Of The Positive Kind

    If Vaughn does come back, I hope it isn't in those lame "flashback" episodes where they show "new" memories.
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    How did you get into Alias?

    Well, I had heard a lot about it and just decided to see what all the fuss was about. I loved it.
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    do you hv a webpage of ur own?

    I have 4 sites: Alias Opinions <---An Alias discussion board that we're working on getting started. Come check it out. Sparkle Caps Smallville City Limits Image Emporium And a really cool board I Mod on: Midlane Forums I have 4 sites: Alias Opinions <---An Alias discussion board that we're...
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