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    Name of Story: Changes Brief Description: Set in 'Fall's Academy', a talent school for teenagers. Sark, Vaughn and will are all talented singing brothers who are in a band. [Think Hanson.] Sydney is new to the school, and all three brothers are intrigued. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the...
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    Happy Birthday Dani!

    <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANI!!!</span> :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: Hope your having a fabulous day! Happy Birthday Hunni! :D ^_^ Hope you got all the prezzies under the stars! :innocent: ~Edwina
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    Random #269

    Its a new Random!!! :D :D :D Bashing Banners??? I still dont undertand them. :huh: -_- <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'> CHANNEL 7 WE WANT ALIAS!!!</span> Well let us begin a new thread of randomness... :D
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    One Tree Hill in Australia

    Are there any Aussie OTH fans here? -_- I love One Tree Hill, its so goo. (But not as good as Alias. ;) ) -Lucas is so hot :wub: -I dont know why people think Nathan is hot, he makes me want to vomit! -Peyton's drawings are awsome! And i love her voice! Plus she likes DC!!! :D -Brooke is so...
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    Thought i'd start a thread so everyone knows when your leaving these fabulous forums!! ;) Anyways, I gotta go out for dinner! :up: Bye! :D
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    Jude Law

    :wub: He is THE hottest man on this planet...:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: ^HOTNESS!!! :reallyexcited:
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    Okay. So heres a little de-brief. Sydney is a famous singer/actrees and Vaughn i just another normal guy living in New York. One day they meet on a chat room... CHATROOM: Logged on- fameisnotfortune Logged on: newyorkerguy Logged off- sallyrulesforever newyorkerguy: anyone here...
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    Joss Stone

    I thought i would start a thread for Joss Stone. I love her voice she is such an amazing singer. What do you think of her?
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    What song do you have stuck ing your head?

    Vindicated- DC :P
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    Kirsten & Sandy

    Aren't they cute together? ......................................
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    Seth & Anna

    Well im a Seth/Summer Shipper AND a Anna/Ryan Shipper WEIRD??? I know. (Im also an S/V and a SARKNEY shipper!!!!) Anyway i thought there should be a thread for Anna and Seth. Cause shes sweet and spunky and he's dork-a-licious!
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    {The OC Art}

    Well get to it... :lol:
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    S/V Art

    Since i love the Sarkney Art thread, i thought i would start an S/V thread. (i am a Sarkney and an S/V shipper) :P So place ANYTHING s/v here! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    If Vaughn proposed to Sydney.

    Hey everyone. If Vaughn were to ask Sydney to marry him how do you think it should happen?
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    I wanna talk to other people that are fans of music. Any kind of music, Pop, rock, soul, funk, rap, hip hop, RnB...anything! I personally love everything especially pop! and I'm a drummer....any other drummers out there???????
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    Alias website

    Tell me what you think of the people that visit this site regulary. (I apologise for the few spelling mistakes I made in the poll)
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    Lindsay Lohan

    I was just wondering if any one else likes Linday Lohan. I think she is one hell of an actress!
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    Comedy Mean Girls

    What did you think about this movie? I personally loved it, it was hilarious.
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    Noah Hick's Angels

    I thought i would start a Noah Hick's Club. I absoloutly loved him when he was on in Season 1. :wub: Even though he was only a guest. Come join in the fun. Gaurdian Angels: (People closest to Noah) #1. vaughnandsyd4eva aka. Ed #2. #3. #4. #5. Assistants: (Help Gaurdian Angels, 2nd closest) #6...
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    Random #230

    Chat away my feline friends! :lol: Hoobastank Rock! Link to Old Thread: argh..ill edit this post in a second! ;)
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