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    Family Secrets

    So glad the sequel's up already, please keep me on the PM List! -Brinne
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    Love and War (Sequel to Always Be Prepared)

    Great start to the sequel, please keep me on the PM list! -Brinne
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    Foolish Ways

    This is so good, please put me on the PM list! -brinne
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    Forever Family

    Great first chapter, keep me on the PM list please!!!!! -Brinne
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    Great first chapter, keep me on the PM List please! -Brinne
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    American Princess

    Wow this sounds great - as usual! - please keep me on the PM list! -Katherine
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    The Pact

    Great start, please keep me on the PM list! -Brinne
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    Wow, great first chapter, please put me on your PM list! -Brinne
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    Caught Up In Reality

    This is soo good, please add me to your PM list! -Brinne
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    World of Lies

    This is wonderful so far, please PM me! -Brinne
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    Never Again

    OK, first of all, I am SO SORRY for not updating before this! You'd think that I would be updating more with classes and finals over, but the past month has been crazy...I started an internship, my cousin graduated from high school, my aunt just had her fourth baby (and her oldest is only six!)...
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    To Love Her and Loathe Her

    This is great, so funny, please PM me! -Brinne
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    *The Wedding*

    Great first chapter, PM Me please! -Brinne
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    Not everything in life has to be a sacrifice

    This is great and so different with original characters! PM me please! -Brinne
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    In My Life

    This is so good, please add me to the PM list! -Brinne
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    Some people are just meant to be together

    This sounds great, please PM me when you update! -Brinne
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    Never Again

    Ohhh thanks so much! You guys rock too with the great reviews! Oh no! I hope you feel better - I broke mine a few years ago, what a pain. Get well soon!!!!!!!!
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    Never Again

    FINALLY! Sorry for the loong wait, I think that's the longest I've gone without updating - and after telling you I was going to be better about it, not less! It was out of my control though, my parents took me to Kiawah for the weekend for some pre-finals relaxation and I didn't have my...
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    What They Didn't Know

    Really good, please PM me1 -Brinne
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    Spies Incorporated

    This is really good, please PM me! -Brinne
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