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  1. Karetyr

    It's official....

    I am now a Gamemaster for Hero's Journey. I'm on the Story team, and will be helping to craft awesome quests and such for you all. B-) Previously Riceman, I'll be going by my new GM name, HJ-Karetyr. Just a heads-up.
  2. Karetyr

    Star Wars: Imperial Army, a work in progress

    I'm working on making a "feature film" for my SWG guild, the Imperial Army. This is a rough of the opening crawl. Thoughts? Star Wars: Imperial Army opening crawl
  3. Karetyr

    Champions Online

    Today, I flipped through the latest Gameinformer and read the article about Champions Online. Holy felgercarb. I need this game. Like City of Heroes/Villains, you can custom your character to an unbelievable degree. There are a few very important differences, however. 1) You can customize the...
  4. Karetyr

    WAR beta!

    It's official, I'm in the second closed beta for Warhammer Online! I'm very excited, but unfortunately that's all I can say, haha. B-)
  5. Karetyr

    Simutronics in Game Developer article (Dec 07 issue)

    "Textual Healing" by Stephanie Shaver is for the most part a comparison between MMORPGs and their text-based ancestors. Not much about Hero's Journey, except for these bits: - HJ will have frequent "invasion" events, directed by GMs. Expect to get pwned on a regular basis by monsters attacking...
  6. Karetyr

    Please, sell me on...

    ...some new MMO. I hate grinding and I'm bored of the following: World of Warcraft Everquest Everquest 2 City of Heroes/Villains Star Wars: Galaxies Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Dark Age of Camelot Shadowbane Ultima Online Final Fantasy XI Lineage II Fury Pirates of the Burning Sea Anarchy Online...
  7. Karetyr

    Machine Girl Trailer

    Warning: Horrificly, disturbingly, graphically graphic violence. Drill bra? :eek:
  8. Karetyr

    My Artwork for Hero Games

    I recently did a bunch of pieces for Hero Games. I put nine of them up on my deviantArt gallery; you can find it here: Let me know what you think!
  9. Karetyr

    Anyone have decent writing skills?

    I'm developing a fantasy tabletop RPG. It's a mix of standard and nonstandard fantasy, and generally very heroic in theme. Trouble is, I need writers to help me finish it. This won't pay any coin, but I can promise that if you help out your name will be in the credits on the first page of the...
  10. Karetyr

    Some Hero's Journey concept art and game models

    I was digging around in deviantArt and found these. They're by art director Tracy Butler.
  11. Karetyr

    Vehicles in HJ?

    Assuming they eventually included vehicles in Hero's Journey, what would you want to have? Myself, I'd like an open, single-horse cart to store all my ale barrels in. :cool:
  12. Karetyr

    Spore Fading Away

    Read and be sad: Spore Slip Sliding Away
  13. Karetyr

    Article on Visit to Simutronics

    Link. A reporter visited Simutronics and brought back a report with a few minor new details about Hero's Journey and some photos of the current building. There's a photo of David Hasslehoff on their concept art pinboard. This frightens me.
  14. Karetyr

    DragonRealms: Features?

    What is there to do in DragonRealms besides combat and exploration? I'm starting to get curious.
  15. Karetyr

    SWG: Chapter 6 (Beast Master)

    A lot of people hate SOE for taking out Creature Handler. Beast Master is not Creature Handler. It is ten times better than Creature Handler. It is worth - wait for it - forgiving SOE for.
  16. Karetyr

    Oops, I did it again.

    I resubscribed to Star Wars: Galaxies. I'm actually having fun, too, which is the amazing part.
  17. Karetyr

    PlayStation 3: Death of Sony

    Seriously, I think the PS3 has doomed Sony's console efforts. It's just a crappy system - the PS2 is better than the PS3 in terms of usability. I just bet that Sony will go the way of Sega.
  18. Karetyr

    DirectX 10?

    Does anyone know if HJ will make use of DX10?
  19. Karetyr

    Exteel - Mecha MMOTPS

    So, I got into beta for Exteel. I can't say much beyond that since I'm under an NDA. I CAN say that it's awesome, but for a distinctly Asian-style grind as part of the rank/skill/equipment acquisition process. It's a long grind.
  20. Karetyr

    Planeshift's character creation process

    The model customization wasn't detailed at all - in fact, a number of the models are missing. But the REST of customization....what the felgercarb? That has got to be the most unique and most INTERESTING process I've ever seen.
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