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  1. Karetyr

    Light the fires & kick the tires

    At this point, even I have to admit that Hero's Journey is never coming out. However, it's enabled the creation of what may become my favorite MMO of all time (The Old Republic) through HeroEngine, so I'd call it a success.
  2. Karetyr

    WAR beta!

    Warhammer Online: felgercarb in a can with a shiny Warhammer sticker on it. That's my professional closed-beta-tester opinion. Also, I doubt anyone cares, but I'm going to be in the Age of Conan stress test on Sunday. I don't think I'm under an NDA for that one...
  3. Karetyr

    Bridge Screenshot

    You know, I bet you got someone onsite yelled at. Good job. =P
  4. Karetyr

    It is pitch dark. You are likely to be eatten by an NDA.

    For me, it's a little different. There's something about playing Hero's Journey in character mode that makes me all tingly. Unfortunately, I can't really talk about here. I for one have bound my soul to the will of Simutronics and cannot deviate from that path.
  5. Karetyr

    main page change

    It's not intended as sneaky, as Pinnelipe said. Trust me, it's worth the wait. B-)
  6. Karetyr

    Wyr idea used in WoW?

    World of Warcraft is an uncontested success. They must have done something right...and whether it's formulaic or not, it has some absolutely gorgeous cinematics.
  7. Karetyr

    What are you playing now?

    Ah, have you seen the art for the Dark Elves? They're not vampiric freaks. They blood a whole lot. Especially the blood of high elves.
  8. Karetyr

    Smash Brothers Brawl!

    Not interested. I'm waiting for Force Unleashed.
  9. Karetyr

    It's official....

    I promise you, Hero's Journey will be the best game you've ever experienced. Not because of me specifically, but because of the awesome talent working on the game. I don't think I can mention anything more specific than that, but trust me on this, you're gonna love it! B-)
  10. Karetyr

    It's official....

    "Karetyr" was the family name of my Star Wars Galaxies main, Scin Karetyr. That's where it came from. =3 And thanks!
  11. Karetyr

    It's official....

    I am now a Gamemaster for Hero's Journey. I'm on the Story team, and will be helping to craft awesome quests and such for you all. B-) Previously Riceman, I'll be going by my new GM name, HJ-Karetyr. Just a heads-up.
  12. Karetyr

    EXP Absorbtion in HJ

    I can just now see the return of SWG's huge crowds of people waiting for the shuttle. Back when there were ten-minute wait times between shuttles and no player starships, there would be dozens of players (mostly afk) sitting in the starports.
  13. Karetyr

    EXP Absorbtion in HJ

    That is quite possibly the most evil XP system I've ever heard of. I think I like it. ]:)
  14. Karetyr

    Gary Gygax 1938-2008

  15. Karetyr

    Elonka Dunin

    Simu's community manager is also a world-reknowned hacker? ....damn, that's awesome!
  16. Karetyr

    /wave goodbye

    Adios amigo.
  17. Karetyr

    website down

    Looks like whoever owns the server altered httpd.conf.
  18. Karetyr

    Star Wars: Imperial Army, a work in progress

    I'm working on making a "feature film" for my SWG guild, the Imperial Army. This is a rough of the opening crawl. Thoughts? Star Wars: Imperial Army opening crawl
  19. Karetyr

    HJ release set to N/A

    That's good, considering it's 2008 now.
  20. Karetyr

    Champions Online

    NCSoft has nothing to do with Champions Online. The engine is completely new, though it's developed by the same company that developed City of Heroes (Cryptic). Cryptic is now its own publisher, having received a tremendous injection of capital from the sale of CoX to NCSoft. All ties are broken.
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