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    how greg grunburgs charecter died

    It was awfully graphic. But that's what led me to the show in the first place. And that Dominic Monaghan was in the preview for the show.... That didn't hurt much either....
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    All The Hidden Secrets Of

    That script page was so freakin' cool! I wonder if that scene was meant to play in the season finale..... I also saw that video preview! Talk about creepy!
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    Britney & Kevin -Chaotic

    The things that she says and does, is really quite alarming. It's stupid and immature, really.....
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    Desperate Viewers

    I'm desperate all right.
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    Who your daddy?

    I think it'll be John. It'd make the whole situation 10 times funnier.
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    Season Finale

    I thought it was pretty good.
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    Shows That You Miss

    Saved by the Bell. A lot.
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    The Others

    They're creepy people, who stalk. And they eat wild jungle food. And only appear whenever there are little children present.
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    Where are the characters?

    That Arnst joke was funny! :lol:
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    Favorite Character

    My vote goes to Charlie. I love that boy! :lol:
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    Season 2 Trailer!

    Season 2 seems soooo far away.... :unsure:
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    I love Charlie. He's soooo cute!
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    TV Couples

    It's wierd, but none of those couples really appeal to me.
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    What are you watching right now?

    I'm not watching anything. My computer isn't near a T.V.!!
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    Jen on the Simpsons

    Same here. :unsure:
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    Big Brother UK

    There's a Big Brother UK?? Wow....
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    Grey's Anatomy

    ^^I just loved the whole idea, that like everyone in the hospital had the chance of contracting syph.....
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    I love LOST. I couldn't hate this show if I tried...
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    Grey's Anatomy

    I thought the season finale was great! I was very shocked by the ending though... ...poor Meredith!! :down:
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    Shows That You Miss

    I miss Full House a lot. I've seen every episode like a million times. I used to watch Providence too. That was a show that ran for a few seasons on NBC. Um....NYPD BLUE.....that was my mom's favorite show.
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