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    Season 4 Anna and Elena...

    hmmm, i seem to remember the <0> being on the side of Nadia's neck. can someone double check where it was... cause Elena is injecting right around the back of Nadia's neck.
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    Season 4 Undo Sydney?

    I think whatever it is Sydney can handle it because Irina knew and she still gave Vaugn her blessing. And she cares for Sydney (i would say) the most out of anyone else. So it can't be that bad. Otherwise Irina wouldn't have given her blessings.
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    Season 4 Ratings

    The 9 p.m. hour went to FOX thanks to "American Idol" (15.7/24) and, to a lesser degree, "Stacked" (8.3/13). ABC's first hour of "Alias" was second with a 6.0/9. CBS' comedies "King of Queens" and "Yes, Dear" were in third, topping the 5.3/9 for NBC's "Revelations." The WB was fifth with...
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    Season 4 Continue

    It isn't paired with lost anymore, its now on Thursdays @ 8. Which is going to be a really hard spot to be in. I think next season might be our last... so I really hope its good. Although it seems like we used up all the rambaldi. Which sorta sucks.
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    Season 5 Note on Lena Olin for Next Season

    This may burst a lot of people's bubbles, and for that I am truly sorry. Because a lot of people seem to be assuming Irina is back for good and that may be a false hope people. But then again, false hope may be better than no hope at all. Lena Olin, who we all love from the bottom of our...
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    Season 4 Project Helix

    OK guys, wait for it. Wait for it.... OK, the Vaugn we know is actually Sark. Nadia is actually just Lauren cloned. The Covenenat are comming to kill them all!!! Or not... and they can bury this retarded Helix in the ground. Forever. Amen.
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    Season 4 Yelena = covenant head

    Ya I bought it but it seemed a little too convienent. Like they had this super evil person who could be blamed for any loose ends. As in, Elena was a way out of explaining the covenenant. I don't buy it completely though. Seems sketchy.
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    Season 4 What Nadia Saw

    Ya I was watching that too... and it made me think. Wouldn't Nadia know what she was walking into? I mean she saw the infection, Syd (who in my opinion looks like she is getting shot) and so forth? Or was it a flash for her like for us. So she couldn't really pause it and see her in creepy...
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    Season 4 Best Episode Ever... Seriously

    Oh my lord! That was quite possibly the best two hours of televison I have ever watched! I am actually speechless... it tops The Box, The Passage, everything... All three Derevkos. Explanations about the Sphere of Life, The Covenant, Irina's Death. Sloane finally going bad. (We all knew this...
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    Rank the Derevko Sisters

    It would be so fun... one of them might die. Now that is good plot twisting. Wait... i am right b/c elena and irina had a fallout. OH I GOT IT! Irina, Sydney vs. Elena (and possibly Nadia) I say Irina should be wounded, but then Syd saves her and "kills" Elena.
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    Season 4 Water, Rambaldi, Sloane

    Oh dear god, that is a brilliant call. If this pans out and sloane is all calm due to the water and flipped due to the red orb, I most definitely owe you a virtual cookie. And here I thought all the red orb did was spread a virus. Oh Rambaldi, you amaze me to no end.
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    Season 4 The Shock of Hallucinations

    Was anyone else actually surprised by Dr. Lidell being a hallucination of Jack's mind? I was in shock, when Syd and Vaugn walked in and it cut to Jack injecting himself. Wow, this show has powerful stuff. I was actually shaking. This show has the power to shock and amaze me. I love it. ^_^
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    Season 4 Dr. Liddel

    I thought bad for the longest time. But after seeing that the fake one, the real one seems genuinely caring after how Jack saved him. On thing bothers me though, when Lidell walked in Sloane didn't look happy that the doc was here to save jack. Au contraire, Sloane looked nervous as if the...
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    Season 4 Quotes!

    I'm sorry but that was hilarious. If anything I feel bad for Nadia, i mean thats like her mom hated her dad. But that's ok she has a crazy assassin aunt to make up for that ;)
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    Season 4 Sofia (Elena) finally looked like a Derevko!

    I just can't get over that. At first i thought she was going for a mime or something (the weird hat made me think that.) But i loved how she stabbed him and then did the weird walk as she shoved him behind the pillar. That was hilarious. Oh, and in Syd's house when she had the gun in her purse...
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    Season 4 missed end of episode

    No offence to anyone but i will take Canadian tv anyday if it means no Bush. But still... grrr. I missed the end of last week's too. I MISSED SOFIA BEING ELENA. Oh yes, I was pissed. So this week doesn't seem as bad.... i guess.
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    Season 4 Quotes!

    Syd is talking about to jack... i don't remember the actual lines, but it was something like... Syd: Arvin and Emily want us over for dinner Jack: Oh hunny, you could have said we were busy. I know how you can't put up with Arvin. :D ROLF that was so funny, the look on Marshal's and Sloane's...
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    Season 4 Sofia (Elena) finally looked like a Derevko!

    Oh man, as soon as I saw her with that hat brandishing the knife... no doubt in my mind anymore. Another Derevko lives! Now, when can we see a giant three-way sister catfight??? :D
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    Season 4 missed end of episode

    Mine freakin' cut too, i am so pissed. All i saw was jack waking up with the doc and Sydney next to him... and then... nothing. :(
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    Season 4 Direction

    Yes, and apparently it is has all things Rambaldi *drools*
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