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    Video Editing

    Have any of you ever edited a video? I mean like a video recording from a Cam Corder or something? I have on numerous occasions for Project or just for plain fun :)
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    Favorite T.V. Show?

    What would you consider to be your most favorite T.V. show of all time? I suppose if you have more than one favorite I suppose you could list them here :p
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    Satire video for English

    This is a video that me and some friends made for an English project this year...
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    What kind of phone?

    What kind of cell phone do you use and or have you had?
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    The iPad

    What do you think of the iPad? I personally think it is the dumbest thing made by Apple yet as to me it is just an oversize and obnoxious iTouch that Apple fanatics will go out and buy.
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    Favorite store?

    What is your most favorite store to buy your technology from? My personal favorite for computer stuff anyway is Tiger Direct! However when I search for things like iPods etc I go to wal-mart or bestbuy.
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    What kind of motherboard?

    What motherboard do you run on your computer? I currently have some sort of an Intel motherboard I can't think of the name of it right off the top of my head and I lost the box a long long time ago :P
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    Alienware Computers

    Have any of you ever used and or saw an Alienware computer? I have, it was at a Bestbuy store and those computers are ginormous!
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    Computer Specs

    What are your computers Specifications? Include your.... Operating System: R.A.M. Processor HDD and what ever else you can think of :P
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    Online or LAN

    Do you enjoy playing Online with millions of people that you don't know or do you prefer to play on the Local Network meaning your console, with your friends and family members.
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    What is your favorite game?

    What would you consider as of right now to be your most favorite game? Of course you might have a numerous amount of favorite games and if that's you list them :P
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    Buying Games

    Where do you usually go to buy games for yourself or others? I personally look at gamestop first to see if they have it used and then compare their prices with some of the competition :)
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    Favorite Console

    What would be your most favorite console? Be it the PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360 etc Mine right now would have to be the 360 however I do not own my own :(
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    Favorite Handheld system?

    What is your most favorite hand held system that you have ever played or have had the pleasure of purchasing :P
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    Hey everyone! My name is Daniel and I believe that the texture of this site is amazing!
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    Hey TTF members and staff :D My name is Daniel aka TheKoolAidGuy :D Hope everyone is having a stupendous day!
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