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    Ladies of the OC

    I voted other...ALEX ROCKS!!! BRING BACK ALEX!!!
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    This movie was hilarious...uma is just georgeous and that guy is so hot! did anyone else see it?
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    Season 5 Sorry for Gibson-Grace relationship hopefuls

    did anyone catch the way she looked at sydney when she walked in on her working out...she's got to be a lesbian...
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    Help finding a fic

    really??? wow...i thought it was really good, maybe that explains it, darn i really liked that story too, thanks!
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    Help finding a fic

    i think it was called What May Be, and somewhere in it sydney ends up living with vaughn and his sister...and weiss is gay...anybody have any idea what im talking
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    What movie did you just watch?

    I just watched Ladder 49 that was an awsome movie...i was balling at the end. anybody else seen it?
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    Politics 2004 Presidential Election

    Every one has the right to express their opinions about the government. The problem is, though it does bash the bush administration, it also bashes our troops. that is the last thing we need right now, i just think theree could have been a better time to release this, not during war.
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    Politics 2004 Presidential Election

    almost every scene in this movie was taken out of contex...this movie is basically just a 2 hour bash bush session...i dont think its worth paying 7 bucks to go see a movie that totaly butchers real life events. And i think Micheal Moore is a coward, if he is really that appauled at how the...
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    Alias Books!

    no, im pretty sure that they met as freshman, i know in the show it says that Danny went to highschool with her...but not francie
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    Season 3 17 Out Of 10...

    probably the only reason she slept with him was to get close, and gain information...but simon was definitly messin w/ jack
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    Alias Books!

    I just read the newest one Infiltration, I loved it! i loved how it tied in Anna and everything. These authors do a great job. i cant wait for the next one
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    Season 3 Sydney was awesome in Hourglass scene

    this scene was so close to the scene in Truth Be Told, when she kicks the guards asses and gets the device... classic syd i was so glad to see it come back
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    Season 2 When Vaughn picked up Syd

    I love when she opens the door and sees him and has this huge grin on her sweet :D
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    Season 1 Noah Hicks!

    I loved Noah, but i think it would be a little overboard if they brought him back to life. I mean, I'm sure the CIA didn't just leave his dead body, so unless he mystically came alive after they would just be dumb to bring him back.
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    Wants and Desires

    hey, really kinda wonderin where this story is gonna go. Could i get a PM too?
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    Alias Music Videos?

    hey im trying to use both roxio videowave movie creator, and also windows movie maker, and all of the clips that i have downloaded off of alias-media dont work for some reason...could anyone help me?
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    Alias Music Videos?

    How do y'all get the clilps onto the computer, if you tape them, what do you use to get what you taped onto the computer? sorry for all the questions i just cant figure it out.
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    Alias Music Videos?

    hey yall, ive been tryin to make music videos on windows movie maker, and its not really workin out, any other programs yall sugest?
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    Top 9 Jens

    If this was already posted just ignore it... Jen was named #2 on the top 9 Jens list on VH1. She was beat by Jennifer Aniston. But who cares, GO JEN!
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    Jaimie's Sig and Av Request Service

    hey jaime could you pm me when you finish my sig? thanks a ton!
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