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    GFX Green Goblin

    Just finished this, easily my best piece of work so far (which isn't saying much). I just need a tip on the text though. My biggest problem is getting good text.
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    GFX First Render sig

    Yo guys, i just made my first signature with a render in it. Please could give some advice on how to make it look more interesting. Also, just basically improve it. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks :)
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    Tutorial Beginners

    Hey guys, can anyone recommend a good place with tutorials for beginners. I have just started but i dont know where the best tutorials are that will help me the most. Thanks
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    GFX First work

    I have just started using photoshop adn this is a piece of my first work. This is my first attempt at making a logo for my team. Could you please tell me your thoughts and suggestions on how to improve it and take it to the next level. Thanks
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    Who do you support?

    I myself am a Tottenham fan. What about you guys?
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    Hello there

    I'm Sam, im 16 and some of my hobbies include Photoshop, Gaming and football. I am trying to get good at graphics but im awful and i find it extremely hard. I am just practising and gradually improving. I can't wait until i get up to the standard of the people on here (if i ever do). My...
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