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    when are we seeing jennifer in theatres again?

    hi fellas does anyone have any idea when jennifer is making another movie, after elektra i was disappointed cuz i'll have to wait atleast another year for another movie to come out,any news??? please help...
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    should jen have been the million dollar bay?

    HI wsup guys, i wanna discuss something, i don't know wethr uv noticed it or not but... don't you think that jennifer garner should have been the "million dollar baby"??? i mean when i first saw the tailer i thought it was jennifer garner, i was gonna COMMIT SUICIDE!!!, but then it seemed to...
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    any other channels?

    hi everyone, I'm kinda new here and would like to be a member forever!! I'd like to ask you if there are any other channels that alias appears on. I appreciate your reply.
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