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    The Edge of Everything I Wanted

    YAY!!! I have been waiting for this for SOOOO long! Hehe =D
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    Young Love

    I just finished reading, aand was really dissapointed with the ending...i could you leave it there for more than 2 years????? Anyway... PLEASE update soon Luv Kay :wub: Btw , its really good :D
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    Ok, guys, I actually have an update!!!! YAY! Make sure ya comment afterwards! ===================================================================== Chapter 15 “Ok agents, I don’t know what’s going on here, and I don’t necessarily care, unless it will endanger any of my agents” Agent...
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    I will definately update, hopefully in a week or so. I already have the chap written its just finding time to post it and PM people... Luv You For caring about this, Kay :wub:
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    Love, Your Best Friend

    Awwww, C'mon Please update?? <3
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    Your Number One Fan

    Wahayyyy!!!!!!!!! Ok so is it wrong to hope for her to romantically jump into his arms????? I thought Anyway Great chap Update Soon Luv Kay :wub:
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    Your Number One Fan

    AWWWWW *Cries* I hate Lauren! HATE HATE HATE! lol anyway, great update Luv
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    Your Number One Fan

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Why didnt he say something?????? Gahhhhh! Luv :wub:
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    Your Number One Fan

    Omg!!!! I LOVE THIS FIC!!!!! As long as he ditches Lauren in the near future Please PM me when you update! Luv Kay :wub:
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    Chocolate Eyes

    Really good! Can't Wait for more! Luv Kay :wub:
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    The Fire's Out

    This is great!!!!!! You should definately post your other stories! <3 it!!!! Kay
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    Night at the Club

    Hey this is great! Can i please have a PM? Thanks Luv Kay :wub:
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    All You Need is One

    Yay!!! Double Update!!!! Well for me it is! Great Chap Love Kay
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    Mickey (Mouse)

    Awesome Chapter!!!!!!!!!! Kay
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    All You Need is One

    Hehe...Loved it!!! Kay
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    Ok, I believe some hugs are in order. Zoe (NadiaSantosFan) - :hug: Robyn (sydneymichael) - :hug: Reves (oooRevesDouxooo) - :hug: Thanks u guys, -> :hug: One for the road Luv Kay :wub:
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    it's definately Lauren why else would the focus be on Vaughn??? GREAT!!!!!...Story Love it Keep it up you two Luv Yas!!! Kay :wub: :hug: :hug: <- one for each of you
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    All You Need is One

    OoOoOoOooooo That was soooo cute :wub: !!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! All the little things were fabulous...hehe Great Writing Luv Kay :hug:
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    Chocolate Eyes

    Is she ok? *sniffles* Awww I wonder why she left him :( I sure as hell could never leave Vaughn, i mean c'mon :lol: Luv Kay :wub: Great Update :hug:
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    All You Need is One im never gonna be able to look at someone who says they need chocolate the same again...hehe. Anyway WHAT THE HELL??? What is up with the prof. Lol Update again soon, Luv Kay :wub:
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