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    i wrote this story last year when i was sick and it is dedicated to my grandmother who passed away on may 27th 2005 Julia Prologue (Sydney POV) It has been twelve months, and I can still see the way she looked at me when I shot her. You never get over things like that, shooting your best...
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    The Truth Is Cruel

    hay, well this was actualy an english assignment i did in year 9 and my friends loved it soooo much they told me to post it on lots of sites, sooooo here it is. ~*~ The Truth Is Cruel What Should I Wright, there is so much to say and yet I can't seem to put any of it into words. My life is so...
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    Fish Feet

    FISH FEET Chapter 1 The door was closed, but unlocked as usual. For the thousandth time he saw his reflection in the polished brass plate which read "Norma Fitzgerald, teacher of classical ballet". For the thousandth time he pushed the door handle, heard the groan of the elderly hinges, and...
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