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    Thing's I wish I said

    Title: Thing’s I wish I said Companion to Things I never said Disclaimer: Again I don't own anything! A/N: You don't have to read Things I never said to understand this, but they are better if you read both. Death is always a tragedy especially when it happens to someone you care about...
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    Things I never said

    Title: Things I never said Disclaimer: I own nothing they all belong to JJ, ABC etc. Words: 2630 A/N: This is set early season 4 and a one parter. This is my entry for the death fic contest. You wake up each morning and never think it might be your last. You think you have all the time in...
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    Distractions Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or Alias they all belong to JJ Abrams and ABC etc. Ship: S/V of course, J/I and Wadia. Summary: We all have distractions in our lives that keep us from doing what we want to. They get in the way of how we want to live our life. It can...
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    What if

    Title:What if Disclaimer: By now you guys should know I don't own any of it, not a thing! Ship:S/V Summary: I loved Crossing and was just watching it. It was one of my favourite episodes, but here is how I would have liked it to end! A/N: This is a ONE parter. I wrote this a couple of months...
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    Nothing hurts like love

    Title: Nothing hurts like love Disclaimer: I don’t own Alias or the characters etc. Summary: When Sydney ‘died’ what would have happened if the Covenant couldn’t condition her? What if the CIA found out what they were planning and they managed to save her? What would have happened? Ok yes I...
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    Not everything in life has to be a sacrifice

    Title: Not everything in life has to be a sacrifice Ship: S/V Genre: Angst/romance Disclaimer: I own none of these characters except Aryen and Alex, all the rest are JJ’s etc etc. Summary: S/V. Basically it’s about Sydney and Vaughn, post resurrection, still tension between S/V. They save...
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    Some people are just meant to be together

    Hiya everyone. I officially think I have a sickness. I just can’t seem to stop writing these days. So here is a new fic – Some people are just meant to be together. Disclaimer: Sadly I don’t own any of the characters or Alias, they belong to JJ Abrams and ABC. Ship: S/V Summary: This starts...
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    Second Chance

    Second Chance Disclaimer: I wish I owned the characters and Alias but sadly they don’t, they belong to JJ Abrams. Ship: S/V and maybe Wadia later on. :wub: This takes place right after season 3. A/N: This is my first fic, so thought I would post it and see what you guys think. Please read...
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    Season 5 General spoiler

    I read this on and was wondering what the rest of you thought about it. "Michael Vartan is not leaving the show. Jack and Vaughn leave L.A., traveling to meet with people that have something to do with their respective pasts. The backstory about Vaughn's father becomes more...
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    Favourite Episodes

    I was looking around the charmed forum and found that there was no thread about peoples favourite episodes. I mean there is threads about favourite powers and sisters so I thought this would be a good idea. Personally I think I love just about every episode. My favourites are The truth is out...
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    Hiya everyone, I realised the other day when i got mel (Tinker) to join allalias that I hadn't actually fromally introducted myself, so I decided that I should probably do it now. :blush: Some of you may have seen me around as I have already been here for a while. I'm from the Uk and...
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    S3 on DVD

    I was just wondering if anyone knew when season 3 was out in the UK(region 2)?? I mean I know is selling the US one, but I can't find any info anywhere about when the DVD is released in the UK! If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. :)
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    Jen Interview in Get Out Magazine

    Beauty and brawn launch Jennifer Garner into the spotlight with ‘Alias,’ ‘Elektra’ action roles By BARRY KOLTNOW Get Out Jennifer Garner is that rare Hollywood combination of sex symbol and tough chick. She can melt your heart with a smile, or knock you senseless with a roundhouse kick. The...
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    Season 5 Kristin Transcripts

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    Season 4 Episode promo!

    On there is a clip of the next episode of alias that was shown after alias on wednesday. Below is the adress This is for people like me who haven't been able to see alias yet.
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    Season 4 Why is episode 5 shown before episode 4?

    I know this sounds like a stupid question but is there a reason that the alias episodes aren't being shown in order??? Or did they just decide to switch episodes around??
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    Season 5 Watch with Kristin I saw this on E online and watched it. It is mostly stuff that we have seen before in other promos etc, but mentions there is definately no awkward tension between Michael and Jen which is good. Below is the description
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    Jennifer wants out?

    I read this on another forum does anyone know if its true???? :o
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    Who is Michael Vartan's best co-star?

    I saw there was something like this for Jennifer Garner and thought it would be interesting to see who people think Michael's best co-star has been. Personally I think it's Jennifer Garner, they have soo much chemistry together, but I did like him with Drew Barrymore aswell.
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