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    What happened to Mike?

    Ok so, in the season final, Mike was hit by the crazy dentist in his little red car. What happpened to him. Is he dead or alive? Does anyone know?
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    What was the clue in Mission Impossible?

    Did anyone see the Lost clue that was meant to be in Mission Impossible? I'm pretty sure i missed it.
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    Season 5 The song when Syd is going over to the club

    i was just wondering
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    Gossip Girl

    has anyone else read the gossip girl series? im reading the 3rd book at the moment and i love it :D
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    Australian Instyle Magizine

    has anyone got this months instyle it has jennifer on the cover and a cute article i recomend it to everyone :D
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    Season 4 The song when syd and nadia were at the shooting r

    does anyone know the name of the song played when syd and nadia were at the shooting range???
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    HELP: with songs from the episope

    Hey does anyone know the name of the song that was playing when syd and nadia were at the shoting place and then the song when they were walking through the bar in the red and purple dress if anyone know can you please tell me thanks :D
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    Rythmic Gymnastics

    Does anyone here do rythmic gym??
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    Moment like these

    Disclaimer: i own no one and nothing Moments like these Moments like these are indescribable, It feels like you are floating on the clouds, It feels like no one or nothing can hurt you, It feels like you are the only people in the world. This is how Sydney Bristow felt every time she was...
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    A Different Ending

    A/N: Hi i'm Maddy, but I am NOT THE AUTHOR OF THIS STORY and I have had nothing to do with the writting of this story. I have been given the permission of the wonderful author Julia (ToughCookie47) to post this story. Waves crashed down on the coast of Santa Barbara, California, as five solemn...
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    What cities is everyone from?

    what city or place does everyone live in? i live in brisbane, QLD, Australia
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    Taking a Chance

    - i am from australia and i have only been to LA once, in Janurary so teel me if i mess up all the places and stuff like that and i will change it :D - i would love to hear what you think of this, so pls tell me :D - I dont own Alias, Syd or Vaughn or any other ppl in this story Taking a...
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    What was ment to happen at the end of season 2

    As Sydney and Vaughn, got into Vaughn’s car Sydney started to check her voicemail. There was a message from Will, he was saying the Francie was the second double. She hung up the phone and sat there in silence, Vaughn turned to her, she was a white was a ghost. “Syd, what’s wrong” he asked...
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    True Love

    This is the first fic i have eva written, so plz be nice lol. i hope you like it. :D Everything up to the end of season three has happened, except for Sydney finding the files with jacks signature on them. and I havent seen the season four promo so there is nothing from there in here. True...
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