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    Dirty Little Secret

    Title: Dirty Little Secret Author: Jaimie Disclaimer: i do not own any of the characters besides the ones i make up. My credits go to the Alias writers. Status: In Progress Rating: PG-13 for some language, some graphic content Spoilers: General Season 5 Spoilers. Genre: Romance, action...
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    I'll be trying to come up with a better name. Comments and critique welcome. This is the first fanfic I've written and posted in almost 2 years..... Day 1 Sara Today was my first day on the job. I had to go to solitary to do exams on the prisoners. I'm going to suggest having them come to...
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    Episode 1.12 - Odd Man Out

    Discuss last night's episode, Odd Man Out, here. Oh. My. God. :fish: Michael, you idiot! Stop trying to explain yourself to Sara :fish: Gosh. For once I actually liked Sara, she walked away. :fish: Lincoln. Stupid move, dude. Really stupid. He deserves 3 fishes for that show of...
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    Season 5 Promos

    Discuss the promos here... Sark!!!!! :reallyexcited: 'nuff said. I'm so excited. Rachel's knockin' boots with my man. *cream pies rachel* she should really not date Sark. Sydney should. Rachel should be dating Tom. But this episode looks awesome so far. Tomorrow the AOL promo...
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    Pride & Prejudice 2005

    I haven't see it yet, I will the 23rd, but for those who have, discuss it. It stars Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth Bennet who falls in love with the one person she can't stand, Mr. Darcy. Based on the novel of the same name written by Jane Austen.
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    Season 5 Promos

    Okay, so let's talk about the promos I haven't seen the AOL one yet, I will tomorrow, but the one after Alias was great! "Move outta the way, momma comin' through." Pregnant!Syd has some funny lines. I love it. And then Syd- "Is he still conscious?" Rachel- "I think so." Syd- "Then hit him...
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    Season 5 Quotes

    What were your favorites? Mine: Tom: I fight dirty. Tom: Go for the eyes, the throat, the balls- Rachel: [mouth hanging open] the balls.... Dixon: We shouldn't have to hide our love. Fiancee's Friend: Who is this crazy man? And all of marshall's lines were great
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    Episode 2.06: Rat Saw God

    This episode was pretty good. I was thrilled that Weevil was back. How I love him so :wub: Veronica laying on Logan thinking it was Duncan. OMG that was just hilarious. I wonder how that will make Logan feel. I really do miss Wallace and I feel like Veronica needs that person she can tell...
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    Spoiler Thread

    here's the current spoilers from 10/21 - Episode 1.11 - And Then There Were 7 [Airing November 14]: Michael gets a visit from... Nika, his wife! What impact with this news have on Sara? Bellick drops by Nika's office to have a chat with her about Michael. Veronica is at Nick's...
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    For Laughs

    I heard this earlier and though it was funny and had to share. Go to, type in "failure", click "i'm feeling lucky" and see what pops up. What do you think? Isn't it hilarious? :lol:
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    Alias Blends 2

    Carry-on my lovelies :D Previously: here Dim- I love them both, but the second one is my personal favorite. I love the style it has. You do blank space like no other. Hibou- gorgeous, sweetie. It's absolutely amazing. I love the style and layout and everything :thud: No art from me...
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    Episode 2.05: Blast from the Past

    I thought this episode was good. Not great, nor one of the best. It was just good. I really dislike Jessie. I kinda hope she dies or gets killed off soon. Wallace, well, he needs to get hit with a cream pie. And Duncan....he's just so damn hot. It looks like Lamb-Chop is about to be fried...
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    Season 5 New Weiss Spoiler!

    The rest is pluggage for his latest things. So it's looking good on that aspect.
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    What are some of your favorite G.A quotes? I'll be making an episodic list of my own, which I'll add to this one. 2.05 Quotes: "A handome man is taking me away to a love nest"- the Nazi "She shaved her legs for you and you didn't kiss her goodnight"- George "Drugs are for babies"- Cristina...
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    Season 5 Promos

    Well, it looks like Sydney isn't quite too pleased that Frenchie took the guy in the box. And it looks like box-man gets woken up. I plan on watching the Alias promo right now and watching the one on my cell sometime tomorrow. Tell me what you think of the promos. ;)
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    Season 5 Quotes

    What were your favorite quotes of the episode? Some of my personal favorites: Everytime Sydney called Dixon "frenchie" were great lines :lol: Dixon: You are pregnant, you should be at home. Sydney: Do you feel at home baby [talking to stomach], we feel at home. Dixon: I'm just calling to...
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    Veronica Mars 2.04 Green Eyed Monster

    Last night was "Green Eyed Monster." I thought it was a good episode. I thought it was really ironic that the woman was investigating her fiancee because she thought he was just after her for her money when infact, he probably had more money than she did. It was great to see Weevil on an...
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    Season 5 Ratings for "The Shed"

    Thank you to Alias-Media. Well, it's at 4th, which isn't bad. Obviously CBS and the All Star Game will score higher, although I didn't expect NBC to.
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    Season 5 Promos

    What do you guys think about the promos? I think they look pretty good so far. I really want to know more about that box. I also can't wait to see Rachel get in the field. It's going to be interesting now Dean and Peyton know she's defected.
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    Season 5 Nadia

    What do you think will happen with Nadia? After Sloane got his hopes up, and almost murdered, just to be let down that there was no cure, do you think they will find something? Maybe they'll find something Rambaldi had written. I do hope they don't write her off.
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