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    Season 5 did you miss the episode?

    i'm a little lost, why cant people in other countries tape it or see it or what not? so shouldnt this online thing be pretty awesome for people in other countries then?
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    Season 5 did you miss the episode?

    ahh right sorry, ABC not NBC
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    Season 5 did you miss the episode?

    so i was searching through the ABC website and starting with this episode..... you can watch entire episodes of alias online! along with other tv shows such as lost, desperate house wives, etc. its awesome! i love it!
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    Not Pictured

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    I Am God

    ahh! can someone please help me! i taped VM last week but the tape just stops in the middle of it! its stops right at the part where logan and walace are working on their project for the second time to try and improve it for the second round of the competition! does anything important happen...
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    Season 6

    i am soooo excited for them to get married! they are super cute together!
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    Season 6

    the things he said right before he purposed was adorable. it was so just cutee my friend said she saw a preview for the next new episode. In it, is rory and jess and they are kissing at zack and lanes wedding!!! AHH! YESSS!
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    wow! this movie was amazing! it was adorable! if you havent seen it! you should because its awesome. it has all the elements of a good movie. comedy, a cute monkey, the best music ever (jack johnson) and a plot! it was sooo good. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!
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    Season 5 Spoiler about SARK

    no no no, this cant happen. sark can not get his "jiggy" on with amy acker! that just doesnt work for me! it only works if its something totally crazy! like sark and lauren, or sark and sydney, or if its just something cute like sark and rachael! but i hate it when he is with the expected bad...
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    Donut Run

    i absolutly loved it! it was amazing!!!! i most def did not see that whole thing with duncan being right next door coming at all!!!! i thought it was so cute! when they made lam go on a wild goose chase was hilarious too! all in all the whole episode was so cute especially at the end with...
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    Veronica Mars

    there is an all new veronica mars this weds and there is a commercial you can see at and they also have the first few mins of episode on too.
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    Sig Thread...

    thanks so much! look how cool my replies look now that i have this totally rockin sig!
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    Sig Thread...

    is it ok if i use your julia thorn sig? i'll most def credit you!
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    Match Point

    i know! it seems a bit extreme at the end! and then he randomly sees them but there is no elaboration on it, eh. i still have mixed feelings about this movie.
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    Match Point

    did anyone else see this movie?? if so, what did you think about it. i thought it was alright/ pretty good. matthew goode is super hott. the acting in the beginning was kind of bad though....
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    Season 5 2-hour return!

    wait what! yes it is good that alias is two hours! but ALIAS ISNT RETURNING UNTIL MARCH???!!
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    Who's Your Ship?

    wait! i also love veronica's shot lived relationship with LEO! ooo he was hotttt and that whole flirting thing they had going was hott too!
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    i saw john mayer trio this year one word to describe it: amazing! he was soo good, all of his new songs are great and then for the encore he played a song with steven tyler! the entire show was mind blowing!
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    Who's Your Ship?

    so i just finshed the first season in like 4 days.... i just cant get enough of this show. its soooo goood! i really like all of veronica's little flings. i loved her and that kid troy even though he turned out to be a total tool. they were really cute! however currently i am in love with the...
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon

    obviously i am not on the wrong board, its called "react" so i did and thats what i think of the episode. it was awful how long since i have seen alias? well i saw it the other night because i commented on it and i have been watching this entire season and every season since season 1. BYE!
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