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  1. jamesbala

    Which mobile phone has the best sound?

    Well I am interested to buy some phone which has awsome sound... I am looking for the one with the best speaker so my ringtone would sound like charm Smile Can you recomend me some model?
  2. jamesbala

    mac vs PC

    Mac systems are handy and i prefer Mac systems . we can Mac systems as All in One system
  3. jamesbala

    Online or LAN

    I like both.But playing in online is quite interesting.we get a lively effect while playing online
  4. jamesbala

    What games are you currently playing?

    Currently i am playiny Blur. super Racing game
  5. jamesbala

    Favorite Console

    My favourite Xbox . Xbox rocks because its a Microsoft product. I love to play GTA on Xbox
  6. jamesbala

    C & C I made this avatar..

    Nice try mate.keep going .you rock really :cheers:
  7. jamesbala

    Buying Games

    I dont buy games generally,just use some warez sites to download.thats it
  8. jamesbala

    FIFA world cup starts today..

    YAY.!..i am very excited.. ARGENTINA will win the cup.. can't wait more!
  9. jamesbala

    Favorite sport?

    My favourite is Cricket.I love Test matches.
  10. jamesbala

    What makes The Shawshank Redemption movie best??

    What makes The Shawshank Redemption movie best?? because of acting? because of screenplay?? because of story??
  11. jamesbala

    Video Editing

    yeah i have edited numerous times.I use Total video Converter to edit the videos
  12. jamesbala

    Favorite Actor?

    My favourite would be Morgan Freeman.Best actor
  13. jamesbala

    Favorite T.V. Show?

    I don't spend time in TV too much.but i watch Prison Break
  14. jamesbala

    Favorite movie?

    My favourite is The Shawshank Redemption (1994).I like Andy Dufresne(tim) acting
  15. jamesbala

    Favorite Song?

    My favourite song is All Rise(blue). i am great freak of blue
  16. jamesbala

    Desktop or Laptop?

    I prefer Laptops because they are handy and portable.Its wifi is the best feature ,because we can use our laptop anywhere and access internet
  17. jamesbala

    What Web Browser

    I use Internet explorer,i heard many saying that mozilla firefox is supercharged and fast,gonna have a try!
  18. jamesbala

    What kind of motherboard?

    I too have Intel mother board running on my Dell laptop. i dono the cost.
  19. jamesbala

    Photography Nikon - Understanding Digital Photography - video tutorial

    Nikon - Understanding Digital Photography --------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Krist makes an excellent video on the basics of the digital photography. Nikon Understanding Digital photography by Bob Krist is an excellent video tutorial for the...
  20. jamesbala

    Photography Black and White Photography

    All you gotta do is to share some real good Grayscale images.. and comment to others Nudity / Religious / Political images arent allowed OK here we go now!
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