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  1. J

    Random #285

    I'm okay. I got laid off my job and have a summer break from school so I have time to actually browse the internet, lol. I got the email about changing the site and decided to check it out. How are you doin?
  2. J

    Random #285

    GoGo! OMG it's been so long!
  3. J

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Action Action's- Drug Like
  4. J

    What's ur current most fav song?

    The Chemical Brothers- Galvanize. I'm addicted to this song. I heard it in the Budweiser commercial and fell in love.
  5. J

    Best movie soundtrack ever?

    Garden State, The Last Kiss, and any Cameron Crowe film have the best soundtracks. Wicker Park is very good as well.
  6. J

    Harry Potter 5 - James Potter

    I think everyone has a bit of arrogance. I think he was also very confident. As Kewii said, that doesn't make him a bad person. It just made him self-confident and assured of himself. Which isn't such a bad thing.
  7. J

    Least Favorite HP book?

    I hated Chamber of Secrets. My favorites list is: 1. Prisoner of Azkaban 2. Half-Blood Prince 3. Order of the Phoenix 4. Goblet of Fire 5. Sorcerer's Stone 6. Chamber of Secrets. I hope book 7 is the best though
  8. J

    hermione and snape

    no. but I did read a great snape/hermione fan fic. it was a very believable and intense fic.
  9. J

    Your Favorite Ship?

    I'm a Ron/Hermione; Draco/Harry; Tonks/Remus shipper meself.
  10. J

    Book 7 (pre-release) discussion - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Snape and Voldemort are my guesses at the death. I don't think she'd kill Harry.
  11. J

    New here

    Welcome Pinkie :D Believe me, this becomes so addictive. There are so many great people here. It's really a good community here. It's pretty laid back and not clique-y. Hope to see you around! :welcome:
  12. J

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Yvonne! London? I'm jealous. I'd love to live in London. Or anywhere in England. I'm obsessed with England :lol: :welcome:
  13. J

    Hello world!

    Welcome Ana :welcome: I've always wanted to visit Spain. It is nice to read about the crew and their latest projects, I agree :D
  14. J

    hi, i'm new..sort of

    welcome coralee :welcome: another new member is great! Hope to see you around the board :D
  15. J


    hiya, welcome to AA :welcome:
  16. J

    Prison Break

    missed the premier.....I was watching Kyle XY, now I have to wait for iTunes to get it up.
  17. J

    Why do you watch OTH?

    because I like it. I started watching it, then quit, then my co-worker brought it in to watch during our lunch break and I became hooked again.
  18. J

    everyones fav. oth character

    I like Brooke. I hate Peyton.
  19. J

    Luke & Lorelai

    happy, but didn't like how it happened. And you can bet there will be hiccups along the way.
  20. J

    Finn VS McDreamy

    she'll choose Derek because she's dumb. but she should choose Finn because he's just 100 times better. and infinitely cuter.
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