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    tom cruise and russell crowe

    you may have read or heard about tom cruise's appearance on the oprah winfrey show and russell crowe's beaning a hotel concierge with a telephone in new york two days fame too much for some people? have cruise and crowe lost it? rumor has it paramount may scratch mission impossible...
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    Politics democrats and republicans

    republicans now control congress the white house is that control likely to last and why? do you agree with hillary as the most likely '08 nominee?
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    kingdom of heaven, 5/05

    what do you think of the trailers? are you going this weekend? what's the buzz about it?
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    out for 10 days or so... good flick? how do you like the cast and story line?
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    your travels

    and beautiful place you've ever seen? I'll try a top five: 1) driving on highway one from mill valley to stinson beach california 2) the swiss alps near interlaken 3) rocky mountain national park, colorado 4) prince edward island, canada 5) castine, maine
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    happy easter all of aa

    for all people on aa of all beliefs and faiths happy spring and happy easter my day is always better when i read and connect with the people and the postings of aa... go alias!
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    the interpreter

    what's the buzz?
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    Politics guns in america

    ok, in the last 72 hours we had a judge and three others killed in atlanta and 8 killed and several others wounded in wisconsin... what's up with this country? too many guns? too easy to get? solutions? mc
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    sark's beginning

    for the sark heads: when did his character first appear? in which episode? mc
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    what is your biggest hope or wish for your life?

    what are the two things that are at each end of your ideas for your life? what do you hope will be your greatest success or achievement? what do you hope to accomplish in life? at the other end, what is your biggest fear?
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    does anyone know what the per episode salaries are of the principles on alias? it seems that the big shows like friends and the big news and talk show people you see news releases about their salaries... any ideas about alias? mc
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    best book on iraq

    what do people think is the best, and most revealing, book about the run-up to the iraq war and the analysis of what people actually knew to be pure speculation at the time in terms of justifying the war?
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    damien rice

    any rice fans out there? what's his background?
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    jen and the cast

    is jen social with any of the cast members? does she call any of them friends?
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    Politics cia

    what little unclassified information is there about indoctrination into the cia? does the farm actually exist? is that where operatives are trained? and is it true that once you are a noc operative you can tell noone but your handler of your affiliation? last but not least, what was operation...
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    a very long engagement

    thoughts? comments? observations?
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    Politics the new iran-syria alliance

    how will this affect u.s. plans for the region?
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    million dollar baby

    what do people know about the story line in this movie? it's supposed to be on the downer side.. any info? apparently stunning acting all around...
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    x files

    just saw him on x-files! i wonder what season and episode it was?
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    your ten favorite records of all time

    not easy, but rolllng stone did the top 500 of all time, so here are my ten The Beatles White Album The Who Who's Next Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy U2 Unforgettable Fire Beck Sea Change Miles Davis Kind of Blue Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks Dire Straights...
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