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  1. jamesbala

    Which mobile phone has the best sound?

    Well I am interested to buy some phone which has awsome sound... I am looking for the one with the best speaker so my ringtone would sound like charm Smile Can you recomend me some model?
  2. jamesbala

    FIFA world cup starts today..

    YAY.!..i am very excited.. ARGENTINA will win the cup.. can't wait more!
  3. jamesbala

    What makes The Shawshank Redemption movie best??

    What makes The Shawshank Redemption movie best?? because of acting? because of screenplay?? because of story??
  4. jamesbala

    Photography Nikon - Understanding Digital Photography - video tutorial

    Nikon - Understanding Digital Photography --------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Krist makes an excellent video on the basics of the digital photography. Nikon Understanding Digital photography by Bob Krist is an excellent video tutorial for the...
  5. jamesbala

    Photography Black and White Photography

    All you gotta do is to share some real good Grayscale images.. and comment to others Nudity / Religious / Political images arent allowed OK here we go now!
  6. jamesbala

    Photography Share your photography.

    Here are some images I took that I liked.
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