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  1. Leslie

    Any other AllAlias vets out there?

    Would love to reconnect :)
  2. Leslie

    Comedy The Pink Panther

    Looks HILARIOUS. I can't wait to see it. Thoughts? Trailers
  3. Leslie

    Joyeux Noel

    For fans of these two brilliant foreign actors (as am I), and those who enjoy stories about WWI, this movie looks like an absolutely beautiful treat. :) Check out the trailer for yourself... I'm excited. I love those two! Benno can be seen at his finest (IMO) in Der Krieger und die Kaiserin...
  4. Leslie


    I saw this trailer at Match Point and was literally FLOORED. Check it out for yourself! I haven't been this excited for a movie since... well since Narnia! :D
  5. Leslie

    Scottish actors

    Love 'em. :D What about you?
  6. Leslie

    Detective Brass

    Oh, let me count the ways... Seriously, I think he's my favorite character on CSI. :mellow: He's hilarious, for one. He's blustering/dorky/not the best people person (like me lol). He's badass. He feels deeply, even though he hardly ever shows it. :wub: I just love Brass! And I want to spread...
  7. Leslie

    Episode 1.13 - End of the Tunnel

    no. no. no. no. no. no. no. NO. Oh God oh God oh GOD!
  8. Leslie


    Title: Rendre-vous Rating: G Timeline: You'll see. ;) A/N: I apologize if this isn't the best thing ever. I'm attempting to reclaim my PB fic muse. ”This is where you’re going.” Michael thrust a piece of paper at him, his eyes trained carefully on the restless movements of T-Bag and C-Note...
  9. Leslie

    Wentworth Miller

    I come bearing gifts. Pics from a friend who directed me to wmiller_gossip for samples of a photospread that will feature in this month's new GQ. Enjoy! :) (oh yeah, and feel free to chat about his loveliness ;))
  10. Leslie

    Shipper thread

    Don't shoot me. Just post. ^_^ Me, I am an L/V and M/V shipper. :)
  11. Leslie


    The trailer intrigued me. And with this cast, I am sure people will be gushing about it soon enough... I guess I'm really most intrigued by the fact that I can't tell what the movie is about, even after reading the synopsis. I guess it's a great case of leaving the audience in suspense. ;)...
  12. Leslie

    Prison Break - Pragmatism

    Title: Pragmatism Rating: PG Timeline: AU Summary: Veronica finally believes in Lincoln’s innocence. The problem is, she doesn’t believe in her own… A/N: A look in flashback form at Veronica’s relationship with the brothers. Kinda stream of consciousness. She’s pulled her afghan up over her...
  13. Leslie

    What movie did you just watch?

    Old Thread Sliding Doors - :wub:
  14. Leslie

    Two Prison Break ficlets

    Both written for 15minuteficlets. Keep this in mind while reading -- I decided not to edit the pieces at all from what I originally posted. They are un-beta-ed, and may include some lines that could be better worded. ^_^ Title: The Rub Rating: G Timeline: Pre-show, slightly AU because I missed...
  15. Leslie

    Say What? September

    But first, the August winners... :) :winner3: Second runner up: xsydneyx Parade Commentator: That was David Anders and Ron Rifkin with their rendition of "Under Pressure". Next up is Lena Olin singing "Stayin' Alive". :winner2: First runner up: freakforalias Hey David.... you were just...
  16. Leslie

    Untitled Post-S4 Finale Fic

    Warning: Spoilers from the Season 4 finale Rating: PG Summary: Basically stream of consciousness. What happens after the crash. ~*~ One eye peels open, lashes dusty. She blinks. Sneezes. Cries out, a searing pain tearing through her chest. Tears ooze from under her closed eyelid. Through the...
  17. Leslie

    Sci-Fi Aeon Flux (2005)

    Saw the trailer and was FLOORED. Looks like a kind of mixture of Equilibrium and The Matrix to me. :reallyexcited: TRAILER OFFICIAL SITE GALLERY ALSO: Trainspotting and Hackers fans -- Jonny Lee Miller! :reallyexcited: Squee! Frances McDormand (Fargo, Almost Famous, Wonder Boys) is in...
  18. Leslie

    Icarus; Jesus Complex

    Saw the movie and immediately knew there had to be some fic written for it. Checked the web and didn't find anything of quality. Not saying this is... My muse has been giving me trouble lately. :P But I figured I'd try... Wrote the first one after being inspired; second one was more of...
  19. Leslie

    Untitled 'Inside' drabble (#2)

    Title: Untitled Pairing: R/P A/N: 150 words A/N #2: Inspired by’s word for today, “soak.” ----------------------------------- The droplets slipped down her cheeks and off the tip of her nose and eyelashes. She clutched her forearms in fists and stared vacantly through the drops as...
  20. Leslie

    Justin Theroux

    Wow I really thought there already was a thread for him... :shocked: Anyway, I just found this pic from Michael Showalter's movie, The Baxter, and wanted to share it here but now I feel a bit dumb coz I thought there was already a Justin fan thread here... Oh wells. :lol: It's still gorgy...
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