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  1. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Hero's Journey, Dead?

    If this whole thing bothers you so much, go look forward to something else. Go play something else. Just leave us, the one's trying to do what we can, alone. Simply put, HJ is not dead. The world can say "Oh woah! The game is dead because it had a setback!" but a game ain't dead until the...
  2. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Hero's Journey, Dead?

    The game is not dead. Downsizing has occurred, but in this day and age, that is the usual. Other than that, I have no more information. You can't consider something dead until its heart stops beating.
  3. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Employers screening World of Warcraft players?

    First a "scientific study" using Everquest 2 data says RPers are all homosexuals with an increased chance of depression, and now WoW players are deprived of sleep and may suffer from too much addiction to properly focus on any other task besides raiding... I think people need to stop talking...
  4. HJ-Pinnelipe

    What are you playing now?

    My annoyance with WoW's world isn't with the jokes, but the lack of any sort of challenge. It's not with the leveling system even, actually, but the taking away of interesting things like a hunter needing to know what sort of wolf has this and this ability so he can learn to give his own wolf...
  5. HJ-Pinnelipe

    The Solo vs Group experience

    What is the point to playing mmorpgs as single player games? Let's face it..most mmos (all I've seen, actually) do NOT live up to single player experiences. To have that many out and in the field at the same time, things have to be simplified. Not only would adding as many things graphically...
  6. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Runes of Magic

    I for one am an rper that tends to get altaholic problems... Of course, when this happens, it usually means I'm too bored with the game to keep going for long anyhow. Other reasons to make new characters... Looks! Doesn't anyone else out there just love nice character creations? FFXI...
  7. HJ-Pinnelipe

    What are you playing now?

    I am happy to finally be off the WoW addiction... Whenever I get an itch for it, I remember how much the easiness of it and the community that creates gets on my nerves. Seriously! What kind of company actually conforms to the jokes people make about it further!? People said it was easy, so...
  8. HJ-Pinnelipe

    GFX Artwork Of Daax

    He's awesome! Love the mouth.
  9. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Man almost loses ----- humping steel bench

    Ever hear you shouldn't lick strange things? The same goes for other parts.
  10. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Say, do you look forward for RO2?

    A lot of the games now of days that I think look so cute make me feel like I'm some kind of weirdo for playing them...u.u I stopped Fairyland after I found out all the other people were preteens at oldest. It was a great game, but mmorpgs are about interaction and it's awkward when you're the...
  11. HJ-Pinnelipe


    The AI is indeed awesome, although I can not tell you all of it's capabilities. Welcome welcome welcome!
  12. HJ-Pinnelipe

    SPORE: Creature Creator DL

    I finally got it working. The plug in it wanted for some reason wouldn't download and install right from the site, but I accidentally went to a site with flash in it using IE, and that install worked.. I'm now making adorable little critters. Not sure how to show you all them, but adorable!
  13. HJ-Pinnelipe

    SPORE: Creature Creator DL

    So, I bought it too, on the digital version, but it won't download for me.. Keeps saying I'm missing a flash player plugin after I've downloaded it! Grr...
  14. HJ-Pinnelipe

    What Are We Roleplaying, Anyway?

    It's a topic that always makes me sad. What HAS happened to it all? I think you needed more research, though. And betas have really always been like that from as long as I can remember, so WoW wasn't missing or gaining there. People rarely interact with other players. It's not important to...
  15. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Ranged Combat

    I actually loved Tabula Rasa's fighting! Muchly because it was different, not overly complicated but still tactical, and the enemy AI was really nice, making you feel like you really were fighting for those bases. If the game had had stuff like working taverns and bunks? I would have thought...
  16. HJ-Pinnelipe

    System Requirements

    Good bad, whatever it might mean, high system specs requirements does not a good game make. I think a lot of these more recent MMORPGs take up way too much tech power for what they're doing. Games are getting wasteful!
  17. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Wyr idea used in WoW?

    I suppose they could, but I think what most people are WANTING with it is rounding the edges, which would take a lot of the charm away! I almost squealed when I saw the food on tables. A resolution uppage would make it look better, but not really be that significant.
  18. HJ-Pinnelipe

    GFX Art of Pinnelipe

    Making a webcomic! Here is one of the character faces I have so far. The webcomic will probably still be a while in waiting, hehe.
  19. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Wyr idea used in WoW?

    Exactly, Dez! The fun thing about WoW is that it's models are really even simpler than the eye would think. Their art is in the textures, and oh what beautiful and complicated textures the people at Blizzard make to make something like a Naga. I haven't seen anything like it since. They add...
  20. HJ-Pinnelipe

    GFX Art of Pinnelipe

    I am a big role player. I don't play games without role playing! The ring you spoke of though is supposed to be connected to a second cloth on the hand. I was being overly abundant with the extra clothing. Thank you for the wish of luck. I suppose I should show some of my more recent...
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