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  1. JacenAster

    Sci-Fi Free Advanced Copies of "The Chronicles of Henry Harper"

    My first book under the Jacen Aster pen name(I've done a number of shorts and a novella under others) is coming out on December 16th. In advance of that, I'm giving out a double handful of FREE Advanced Reader Copies, as a way to generate interest. The book is a Science Fiction/Space Opera work...
  2. JacenAster

    Greetings from a Sane Fellow

    Hello people of the internet. I'm Jacen, and I'm generally an anti-social misanthrope with delusions of awesomeness. Also, delusions about someday owning a Dark Wizard's Tower, and scaring the hell out of the townsfolk I build it near. But that, of course, goes without saying. I mean, clearly...
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