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    Request Signature Please

    Yup, thats good enough.
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    Request Signature Please

    Its good, but can you make the border line thinner and go around the entire sig? Everything else is fine.
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    C & C My logo attempt for my clan

    Simple, but good at the same time.
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    C & C My Best 3 Pieces

    Those are some great work! Good job!
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    PS3 vs xbox

    I personally like the PS3 because its free online!
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    Favorite Song?

    My favorite song is Not Afraid by Eminem.
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    Request Signature Please

    [Type (banner, sig, avatar, etc.)]: Signature [Size(width x height)]: 380x180 [Main Color(s)]: Black and Orange [Background Color(s) (Pleae specify if you want transparent)]: Black or Orange (Actually any color would be fine but I prefer those two.) [Style]: Any [Main Text]: Excaliber...
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Im listening to What you Got by Colby o Donnis.
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    Hot or cold coffee?

    I prefer hot coffee. I never really tasted cold coffee because I think its going to taste bland.
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    Favorite Handheld system?

    My favorite is the DS Lite! I've had it for five years and its still my favorite!
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    Preferred genre...?

    I like Action and First Person Shooters.
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    Excaliber has joined the forum

    Thanks! I didnt even have to make a intro! Hi everyone!
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