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    Season 5 Best Parental Figure

    In the future I'll be able to add Syd on this list. She's gonna be the hot new spymomma!
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    Season 5 Best of Season Four Part Two

    Which of these is your favorite. If it is none of these, see Part One of this post.
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    Season 5 Best Season Four Episode Part One

    See Part Two for other options. I left out the sucky episodes. (ie: The Awful Truth and the Road Home) If those are your favorites, please say so in a post.
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    Who should return?

    Who do you want to see return full time.
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    What charater should be killed off?

    Who do you think should be killed off, for the better of the show? Who would make it most dramatic.
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    Worst Character?

    Which one do you hate the most?
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    Official: Favorite Character

    Which character is your favorite?
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    Season 5 Best Season to Date? (1-4)

    My favorite season was season 3 because it was so dramatic. Syd was dealing with so much anger and sadness. The characters were going through a very hard time in their lives.
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    Season 5 Rumors: Good or Bad?

    There have been rumors flying around that Vaughn is going to die this season. Nothing is official, so this isn't a spoiler. Don't worry. I personnally think that this is a bad time to do it because Vaughn finally has some major story. But I do think that it would be an awesome twist for the...
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