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    Post a picture of your STEAM account :D

    Just have half-life 2 episode pack, fear 2 PO and portal.
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    What is your Zodiac Sign?

    If I was born on 13th of August, what zodiac would that give me ?
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    What's you PC Gaming Story?

    Age of empires and I learned that with some skills you can adapt any game to your likings. Got the PS2 afterwards and when the next gens were coming out, the 360 was plain pathetic, the Wii was alright but is just something for fun, not a challanging progressive game and the Playstation felt...
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    PC Game of the year 2010

    I found Starcraft II highly disappointing though... It looks nice and has some cool extra features. The campaign was great, but when it came to multiplayer there just wasn't much to offer. It started to feel really repetitive, even worse than playing against those C&C bastards who can calculate...
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    Ansem greets you all welcome

    Hello, my name is Ansem. I'm from the Netherlands and prefer PC gaming, although I also grab my Wii with Monster Hunter Tri from time to time. My favourite publisher and developer is still Paradox Interactive. Great fan of strategy games and they offer the best of the best. I'm an addict to...
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