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    I come from china!

    HI,I come from China,and i am live in BEIJING.I love allias very much,in china we call allias双面女间谍.But we can't watch this great TV play on TV.Because we can't receive the signal,we have to buy DVD,So i usually hope that i was born in USA.My English is very poor,so i wish you can help me to...
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    Does anybody know the song in the end of the boxII(season 1)? I kike it very much.but i don't know it's name.
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    Season 5 what will happend in season 5

    1 sydney not love vaughn any more 2 nadia begin to hate sydney for some reason 3 vaughn's wife is still alive???
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    hello,I am a new one. I like alias music very much,but i don't know where can please help me
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