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    What's Left of Me

    SkyGirl, where are you? I was on vacation for three weeks, and came back in the hopes of reading your stories!
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    Caught in the Middle

    [i]You gave me false hope... How sad! I love the emotions you bring to the story--more, please!
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    Season 4 was it jen dancing?

    I know this is late...but you can totally tell it's a double because JG has short nails and once in awhile you can see long fingernails...
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    ~Joe's Bar & Grill~

    OOOHHHH! Awwww! I've been looking for this fan fic FOREVER! YAY! Does anyone know any fan fics that are AU or S/V--that are realistic and/or sweet but yet somewhat in character. I've read a lot and there's only been one (not includeing this one which I haven't read fully yet).
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