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    Request Logo and Avatar, Plz :) *Completed*

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):300x200 Text: Obey ® Text Color: White Font: Background Color...
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    I have one thing to say.

    I LOVE THIS SITE! sorry I needed to get that out. I'm so addicted to this site, its worse then my smoking addiction! Atleast its helping me quit smoking! :)
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    Request Logo & Avatar *Needs Designer*

    Size: 300x200 Text: Shake & Bake Render: Details: I really like what quickshot did with that neon blue light text thing, so if you could do that samething but on a black background saying "Shake & Bake" with a crown on the "S" in...
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    Request Logo & Avatar Request *Closed*

    size: 300x200 text: LucKy™ Color of Text: Shiney Gold Metallic Font of text: Background/Render: colors: N/A Basic Idea...
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    CoD4, P90 Poll

    When it comes to the P90. (On a competitive level) Do you think the P90 is more effective with Juggernaut or Stopping power. It seems to me, that juggernaut is more favored.. But I've seen very good players use it with stopping power. So, what do you guys think? PS: Regular!
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    Request Logo and Avatar Request *Completed*

    Size (No bigger than 400x300): 300x200 Text: Shake & Bake Sub-Text: Game/Render requested (post links): Thats an example of the Blue and White pattern. Details: Basically I want a simple reflective text with a red...
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    Beat Top Team

    I really hate to brag, but we got a huge win last night, and i wanted to share ;) We beat team eXellence last night, there ranked #20. They have a guy named j Wallz on there team thats a redbull sponsered player.. And was on the 2nd rank team "Aftershock Reborn" It was a great match...
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    Request Banner Plz *Needs Designer*

    Size (No bigger than 400x300): 300x200 Text: "?" Sub-Text: aNoNyMoUs™ Details: My doubles team is named aNoNyMoUs™, i want a mlg logo copy, but instead of the white controller, please replace with a white question mark. Please make it to the 300x200 size tho. and on the bottom right...
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    EA Studios Sponsoring?

    I couldn't find anywhere else to post, so i apologize if i'm on the wrong section for this.. just wondering, is EA sponsoring or minor sponsoring for CoD4? if so what are the requirements? Just wanted to know :P Thanks
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    GFX How do you like the Txt sig?

    I had this random guy make it for me.. Tell me how you like it :)
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    Do Work is here!

    Like'n the new site. Much more active then the last one. I thought EA died :/
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    Question for Top Clan players in CoD4

    I've always been a SMG guy since day 1 on this game. I've almost mastered the MP5 and P90.. I have beaten alot of top teams with them. I have recently picked up the AK74U no attachment, and its absolutely amazing.. It has farther range then the MP5, and has a slow fire rate so you...
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