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  1. J

    C & C And.......

    humm, focal is good but i don't like the effects though. Pretty boring light. Colors are okey =) good job. :)
  2. J

    C & C few of my latest

    really good effects, depth and light! want to se more from you! :D
  3. J

    C & C Entrance to hell?

    really cool, focal is good, depth is good. light is also good :D good job!
  4. J

    C & C DMC 4 Nero

    I have missed this one. But this is really awesome man! :D Focal is amazing, depth could be a bit better =) Work more on the text though? but the effects is amazing man, really good job!
  5. J

    C & C iLLUSION

    Made this tag pretty fast, not so satisfied with it but here is it anyway: B/W:
  6. J

    C & C Prince Of Persia Sig

    nice flow and light but focal is bad :) Also work on colors :D
  7. J

    C & C Tick Tick

    really nice but focal and depth could be better :D
  8. J

    C & C Plz cheeze

    the style is amazing!
  9. J

    C & C CreatiVity

    really good work but bad depth.
  10. J

    C & C Rukia

    render doesn't go together with background.
  11. J

    C & C Dreaming Sig

    bad depth and pretty boring to watch. more blending effects would be nice :) good job (:
  12. J

    GFX sotw #8 voting!

    I <3 nr. 7. ! you got my vote.
  13. J

    C & C eye of justice

    <3 the style.
  14. J

    C & C Fresh

    imo the render is a bit dark. i want some more blending highlights too. i don't dare to say this but a small black border would be nice! :D haha
  15. J

    C & C The Creed

    work a bit on the depth, maybe add some effects? :D but awesome smudge and light.
  16. J

    C & C Unknown fashion

    Version 2:
  17. J

    C & C Unknown fashion

    I liike the outcome soo much! :D
  18. J

    C & C assassin

    made this sign now :D
  19. J

    C & C Halo

    naah, he's a "manrobot" ;) yeah 007, i need more skills in texts :/
  20. J

    C & C shall i enter

    The left side is good job! the right side is not so good. work on that. overall nice job
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