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    hello everyone

    hello to everyone. got in here through the merge fairly new to the whole graphics scene and really enjoying it although i lack in insperation i enjoy the chat lol. see yous around
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    C & C spiderman sig

    simple spiderman sig Its only got few layer as it just looked worse when added more stuff so kept it simple What do you think
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    GFX Bebo skins

    Does anyone make skins for bebo. Is it hard, is it easy to learn :thumbs:
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    GFX brushes wont change

    Hey guys/gals, for some reason brushes in photoshop cs3 wont change colour anymore, any ideas, i have tried changing the background and forground colours to red for ex but they still come out white. Anyone seen this before? thanks
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    GFX thefonz[Rules Violation]

    guess ill have a go then, the last one i followed u guide to add the light as you can see i aint quite got to grips with adding light etc to brighten them up but used my own pics etc for it, the rest i made from scratch Be gentle lol Comments and tips welcome
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    New member. Will have good look around but at a glance place looks great, just learning to make gfx hoping to get better soon :thumbSS: Hello to everyone
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