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    I decided to start this because school is back and life is hectic, atleast for me with balancing high school, a job three nights a week and coaching a grade school volleyball team. Vent out your stresses and talk about homework, problems and general life! <3 Jess
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    Good Grades

    How do you get and mantain good grades?? I really struggle with school work and would like some help
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    Thank You For Being in My life

    I had this idea for a fic and decided to post it. I will probably update around once a week, or whenever i get a chance to send it to my betas. Summary: What happens when things go wrong for Michael Vaughn? When his friends avoid him, will girlfriend Sydney Bristow help him cope? A HUGE...
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    Wondering if anyone plays club volleyball my season just started!! <333Jess
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    Spy Girls

    Hey Everyone!! Zoey and I decided to start this! We are friendly and enjoy getting to know new people!! Thought we'd have a new topic for those who didn't join other groups. :) <3 Jess
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    The Accident

    Disclaimer: I wish i owned Alias SUMMARY: Michael is a doctor with a fourteen-year-old daughter. His wife died in a car accident almost a year ago. On his way home from work he sees a car wreck and has to help… A/N: This is my fist fic. Any comments or help would be appreciated. Chapter...
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    I've been here awhile but....

    HI, My name's Jess. I've been here a while reading fanfiction and thought i'd get to know more people. Also if anyone needs a beta, i'm interested in and alias related and no NC-17 or R rated. Thanks
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