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    Topic Contest - Win 100$

    Topic Contest - Win $100 All you need to do is make one topic to be entered :) If there is a better place to post this please move the thread. I was unable to find a "what's going on" type of section.
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    What would you like on your gravestone?

    What would you like on your gravestone? I know it's not something everyone wants to think about, but what would you like on it? I would like something like "Was Awesome!" :D Really though I would like it to just say that I was a good man who lived a humble life.
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    Is gaming good for you?

    Is gaming good for you? Do you feel gaming is good for you? What pros and cons do you see? I personally like online gaming as it allows me to make friends and play with the friends I already have. It also tends to be a good stress reliever when playing offline (playing online and losing can...
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    What new age games will be remembered as classics?

    What new age games will be remembered as classics? What games that are out now will go down the line of Super Mario Bros, Pacman, Frogger...etc. In my opinion Resident Evil has a good chance of going down as a classic, as does the hugely successful FPS by the name of Halo. What do you...
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    Web Stuff High ranking spot on google using specific keywords

    Getting a good google ranking is much easier than it seems. If you are in a small enough genre you can be in the top 10 within just a few days as long as you play your cards right (and work hard :D ). To explain how to advertise correctly on a forum, I will give a few tips. First the...
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    I'm new here and it's nice to meet everyone, great skin by the way!
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