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    Season 5 did you miss the episode?

    so i was searching through the ABC website and starting with this episode..... you can watch entire episodes of alias online! along with other tv shows such as lost, desperate house wives, etc. its awesome! i love it!
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    wow! this movie was amazing! it was adorable! if you havent seen it! you should because its awesome. it has all the elements of a good movie. comedy, a cute monkey, the best music ever (jack johnson) and a plot! it was sooo good. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!
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    Match Point

    did anyone else see this movie?? if so, what did you think about it. i thought it was alright/ pretty good. matthew goode is super hott. the acting in the beginning was kind of bad though....
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    john mayer....trio!

    john mayer, once a popstar, now a blues man i just saw him last night as John Mayer Trio in Boston and i just have to say that he was AMAZING! he blew me away! it was most definatly a good change for him! he is so talented and then to have STEVEN TYLER COME OUT to preform the encore! out of...
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    Season 5 sydney knew she was pregnant way before the doctor called

    it was clearly obvious that jennifer garner was pregnant during shooting! you think they would have tried to cover it up better because syd didnt find out till about half way through the episode and even then she wasnt supose to have looked like she was already 6 months pregnant! did anyone...
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    Season 5 Where is Nadia?

    Does anyone know where nadia is? she was mentioned in the first episode but never shown and during the opening credits, she wasnt listed as a regular cast i was wondering if anyone knows what the deal is because it would be silly to just have her on for one season! she is her sister...
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    Alias on Fox!

    Fox is now showing reruns of Alias at 12:00AM only on Sunday nights/ Monday mornings (which ever way you want to think about it) Fox has chosen to start with season one and will probably work its way through season 4 and then start the cycle over again. sooo for any of you alias lovers, this...
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    Season 5 overview of episode 1 released

    if you havent already read the abc website.... they have realeased an offical overview of what is to come on the first episode "Thursday, September 29 at 8/7c In the season premiere episode, after learning that the man she has known as Michael Vaughn is under investigation and suspected of...
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    affleck vs vartan

    i read today in U.S weekly (i'm not sure how reliable it is) that an alias insider told U.S weekly, jennifer has had enough of the tension caused by Michael when Ben visits the set. Supposedly, jen has asked the writers to cut out kissing scenes and wants vartan's character to be kill off and...
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    music of the season finale-season 4

    does happen to know the song title and the artist of the last song played in the season 4 finale of the last scene where sydney and vaughn are in the car together in santa barbra? thanks
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