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  1. .Flame

    Request BlooDeX pickup

    enjoy =D
  2. .Flame

    Request OD do your magik *Overdrive*

    Each topic must have the following terms in it. Size (No bigger than 400x300):the size you prefer, it's all free Text:all your idea, maybe chased away or something? Sub-Text:your idea Game/Render requested (post links)...
  3. .Flame

    Request DocToRsAdVoCaTe pickup+

    enjoy =D hope it's what you want
  4. .Flame

    Request simplistic pickup

    hope you like it code:
  5. .Flame

    GFX mechanic

    it's ok i guess...
  6. .Flame

    Resources 3 stock packs!!!

    click here for a woman stockpack and here for a movie stockpack and here for a games stockpack +rep please and enjoy! =D
  7. .Flame

    Resources sunray .psd LRO ONLY!

    enjoy! =D and no ripping please
  8. .Flame

    Tutorial basic userbar tutorial

    enjoy! =D
  9. .Flame

    Tutorial feel the experience tutorial

    enjoy! =D
  10. .Flame

    Tutorial the ruins tut by me

    enjoy, hope it helps you.
  11. .Flame

    GFX latest sigs of mine

    old to new, not going very far back this time. still needs some work, like border and stuff: no im not going to be designer anymore
  12. .Flame

    Hello Everyone!

    hi, im .Flame, also known as miniman. .CaM referred me here, and i think i'm staying!!
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