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  1. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Most Anti-Climactic Ending Ever

    Warning! Face melting ahead..
  2. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Video Games Live!

    It's going on about 30 miles away from where I live this Friday and I'm playing hooky from work to go and see it. That's how it normally opens. That's a piece they did last year. I love this...
  3. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Don't mess with gamers, baby.. I just think it's funny how much one group of people can band together and backlash on a person for insulting their hobby. It at once makes me smile and scares me. I'm really glad...
  4. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Evil, but funny. I can't stop snickering over it, although it was such a bad, mean, rude thing to do. I needs me a TV-B-Gone.
  5. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Something "Special" I just wonder...what will they do if the snake suddenly leaves one night? And they forced that poor thing into a relationship! What if he just wanted the free milk, man!? No one considered his feelings!
  6. HJ-Pinnelipe

    "Alright, I made it to Kendallville!" This guy's enthusiasm for it is very amusing.. Kendallville is the town I live in. There's a reason he did not really cover anything ABOUT Kendallville. One, he already covered half of our town income and hobbies with showing the bar, and...
  7. HJ-Pinnelipe

    How Rude!

    Another video about rudeness that has me paranoid at my amount of rudeness to others, although I found it funny and extreme. Ever been interrupted by someone while in the middle of a conversation, them trying to one up you on misery and/or success...
  8. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Someone please tell me this is a joke.. Please, someone tell me I am being gullible and that this is a site that shows nothing but jokes. If not...This is too much. We can show an eye being ripped out of a socket but not a naked woman? Please, please tell...
  9. HJ-Pinnelipe

    OOCness: What inspires your characters?

    I was just watching a little video of a song done in Hans Christian Anderson's Thumbelina(click here to see it) and thinking about how this movie probably has some part in the making of all my characters, and 75% of the time from this song. So..I was wondering. Where did the inspiration for...
  10. HJ-Pinnelipe

    The art of potty training...

    I have an almost 4 year old sister that outright says she does not yet want to be potty trained. Since I babysit so often, I like to teach her a few values like how to stop crying for help in video games and to sleep in her own bed and not mommy's. She is a bit overly spoiled..but so was I...
  11. HJ-Pinnelipe

    The confusion hits!

    Recent problem that's started up with my computer... I believe it has some sort of connection to the graphics card, which is faulty (RMAing doesn't help since ever card of the same type is faulty from MSI, 7900 GT for those interested in avoiding it) but it's all I got! So, the problem...
  12. HJ-Pinnelipe

    A Jellyfish Bad Day

    Direct copy and paste from a cousin of mine and her MySpace bulletin for yesterday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you don't laugh out loud after you read this you are in a coma! This is even funnier when you realize it's real! Next time you have a bad day at work , think of this...
  13. HJ-Pinnelipe

    A keyboard problem...

    I've gotten to expecting problem from my keyboard. A cat walking on it can make for trouble. Right now, a key will not work. The key can be found between d and a. What to do? Bad me decided to have it all over and can not get in anywhere! Bad letter _... Tried re_tarting. Did not work...
  14. HJ-Pinnelipe

    "How did it all begin?"

    ((This thread is not open for random joiners. It is an ongoing story with currently two writers. If anymore come in, it will be by invitation to be involved in the past of two characters who will exist within Hero's Journey. Comments are welcome. Hope you have as much fun reading it as we do...
  15. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Censorship:What do you notice first?

    In my high school, we had to do a physical project and a paper, both being related in some way. My paper was on Censorship and what the American Culture noticed first. Before I say my findings, I'd like to see the turn out on this forum. Watch this music video and then answer the poll...
  16. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Who's Your Momma!?

    Just kidding, but sort of not. Hello, everyone! Momma got a name change. From now on, I'm going by my more professional name of "Pinnelipe" or "Pinn". Same me, but only showing my colors in my "professional" manner! And, yes, the avatar will stay.
  17. HJ-Pinnelipe

    On the Topic of Fanfiction

    While watching Tsubasa episodes on Youtube, I ran across movie clips of the voice actor that will be playing my favorite character in the Tsubasa Chronicles for the English dub. Ends up he's the same voice actor for Edward Elric, for all you Full Metal Alchemist fans out there (if there are any...
  18. HJ-Pinnelipe

    The Masters of the Treadmills-OK Go

    Not really in line with the current bunch of bands being mentioned here, but I thought I'd trow in the group I like to follow. This is a band I actually subscribe to the fanletter for... It's always got something goofy in it! The last video on the page, the...
  19. HJ-Pinnelipe

    Now I am possitive..

    There's an mmo on anything if you look hard enough. Admittedly..I'm actually playing this, hehe!
  20. HJ-Pinnelipe

    His Dark Materials

    It's the name of a trilogy of books by Philip Pullman and although they're in probably the same age group as Harry Potter is focused towards, they are quite good. It seems they're also going to be made into movies. Seems fantasy is making a large come back!
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