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  1. J

    C & C iLLUSION

    Made this tag pretty fast, not so satisfied with it but here is it anyway: B/W:
  2. J

    C & C Unknown fashion

    I liike the outcome soo much! :D
  3. J

    C & C assassin

    made this sign now :D
  4. J

    C & C Halo

  5. J

    C & C Bell

    a new sig, comments?
  6. J

    C & C Ronaldo Wallpaper

    I made a firs serious try to make a wallpaper. Comments? (My first wallpaper)
  7. J

    Cool/unique sports!

    Post cool and unique sports here. I found a really cool sport on youtube. It's calles Slamball and you should watch this because it's amazing!
  8. J

    C & C New signature

    it feels that i'm getting better on this site! really good guides and resources on this site
  9. J

    C & C C.Ronaldo

    EDIT: Version 2: Comments? =)
  10. J

    C & C Gold Digger

    Made a new one :D
  11. J

    C & C Sigs from me.

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