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    ok, whats your favorite type of food to eat? Me personally i LOVE some good italian food. pasta, pizza (real pizza not pizza hut or dominos), chicken alfredo.... MMmmmm but i also eat alot of spicy/hot foods. love eating peppers with my food. oh, and heartburn isnt a problem for me its normal...
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    ok I'm one of the few and proud employees of the Superior Essex night crew. Just wondering, anyone else here a nighshifter? or was once? did/do you hate it or was it ok? I actually prefer nightshift right now. my hours suck... 6p.m. to 6 a.m. but i have every other weekend off and only work 3...
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    Are you a devoted gamer?

    Just wondering what kind of gamer you are. :)
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    Ok if you played or are still playing WoW, what server are you playing on and what faction do you like best? horde or alliance and why? I play on Sargeras Horde. ;) I like horde better because... well i would rather have skulls and bones decorating my town then flowers and bushes. I'm not a...
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    GFX Ok, how?

    I know i could go out and figure it out on my own but im very lazy today and I'm kind of curious... how do i make my own signature picture? i have some great ideas for one and would really be cool if i could figure out how.
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