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  1. Trekker1701

    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    I am presently reading The Girl who Takes an Eye for an Eye. It's a continuation of the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. The original books, authored by Stieg Larsson were great reading.. SInce his death, this one is authored by David Lagercrantz. Just getting into it.
  2. Trekker1701

    Politics The moon ... Who owns it ?

    I saw a headline in the news : China to build a base on the Moon ! They are looking at a suitable site near the south pole and they claim they can do it in 10 years. My question is this : Who owns the moon ? Is this a UN issue or a global legal matter ? Or simply, first come first served. ? If...
  3. Trekker1701

    Sci-Fi Logan's Run (1976)

    Hey thanks man. With all the new tech they have in movie making, this would be an awsome movie if it was done right.
  4. Trekker1701

    Sci-Fi Logan's Run (1976)

    Who liked this movie ? - the one with Michael York and Jenny Agutter. For its time I think they did a great job of it. Anyone heard of a possibility of a remake ?
  5. Trekker1701

    Sci-Fi The Time Machine (2002)

    I think this version of the Time Machine was done well, not like the book, but had its soul never the less. The score by Klaus Badelt was amazing. he really captured the essence of time travel.
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