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    C & C Experimental

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    C & C The Bear

    Made for sotw Thoughts?
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    C & C Some of my stuff

    Here's some of my recent stuffs: Make some comments if you wish :)
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    Hi there

    Yeah, I'm TrickShop. Was a part of the FD lot. Was part of one of their teams with Collateral. I'm also a graphics designer for Here's some of my most recent stuff: I'll put up a load of my work in a thread somewhere more appropriate. So yeah, hi
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    C & C MU

    I don't know what to make of this. I started making this sig and it was looking ok but then I seemed to be rapidly sending it downhill. Despite my attempts to salvage it I don't think it's turned out that great Any comments?
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    GFX Collab

    Myself and Cartilage CnC welcome
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    Hello people of this forum LiQuid spammed me into being here so hi! I'll post around a bit
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