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    I HATE YOU !!!!!!!!
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    DESTINY - Season 2

    Ep 207 THE TRANSFERT Lex is in his cell. He hears footsteps coming. Lex is showing his back. “I’ve already told you you were wasting your time, Jack.” “Lex....” Lex turns back. “Sydney ? What are you doing here ? Don’t tell me you...” “Yes. I’ve been reassigned as...
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    DESTINY - Season 2

    Ep 205 TRUST Guard “You have one visitor.” Lex “I do ? Or is it another way of announcing mister Bristow ?” “Hello Lex.” “(...) Clark ? What are you doing here ? I mean, you convinced the CIA to let you talk to me, I must say, Im impressed.” “(...) Why did...
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    DESTINY - Season 2

    Ep 201 2 YEARS LATER « Miss Bristow, please, come in. Have a seat.” “What is going on, Director Kendall ?” “(...) Actually, its just Kendall now.” “What do you mean ?” “Since you left the agency a year ago, there has been some changes Agent Bristow. I went back to the Rambaldi case in the FBI...
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    DESTINY - 1st Season

    Ep 114 Friday, February 11th 2005 00.00 SENATOR PALMER’S CLOSE SECURITY BELIEVE AN ATTEMPT ON HIS LIFE WILL BE MADE The Senator’s Security took very seriously the assassination threat on Palmer. Right now, and ever since the Security heard of this, The US Senator...
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