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    What past if any MMO's have you played?

    lol, i cant wait to spend a whole day just creating my character... do you think they will allow you to change the appearance of your armor later on in the game? just for reasons of not getting bored with your look is all.
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    PvP Discussion. What are your views?

    I agree completely with frosty. I think any great MMO will have some time put into their PvP as well. Some players hate PvE after leveling and would prefer to PvP and actually earn something from it. Whats a better way of seeing how good you are with your character then playing against others...
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    What game are you currently playing?

    I play WoW for a while, then a bit of xbox 360 ( got it about 3 weeks ago) i have only a few games for it like; Gun, perfect dark zero, kameo (beat already), and call of duty 2. plan on buying The Elder Scrolls; Oblivion as soon as it comes out. every now and then i pop on Fable (pc version) and...
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    Dynamic environments

    yeah, that would suck. dynamic environments are great but if you cant see squat at night then that tends to get annoying after a while
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    wow, think im gonna have to go to Prima Pasta today lol
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    GFX Signature for Red Angel

    nice avatar? no, its a cruel avatar!
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    What Race and Class combo are you planning on?

    thats why it would be great to just add one special ability for your combo that no one else gets but the characters that have the same class choices as you do
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    System requirements.

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    Hopefully HJ will be published in a box.

    HA! i know what you mean i still have manuals to games i dont even have anymore lol :lol:
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    The history of gemstone

    good info, and good luck ont he position :D
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    ok, whats your favorite type of food to eat? Me personally i LOVE some good italian food. pasta, pizza (real pizza not pizza hut or dominos), chicken alfredo.... MMmmmm but i also eat alot of spicy/hot foods. love eating peppers with my food. oh, and heartburn isnt a problem for me its normal...
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    pretty crazy schedule but its more of an evening job :P . i go to work when the sun is still up and get off when the sun is commin back up. :( :rolleyes:
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    GFX is this any help

    so you use 3d studio max and photoshop?
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    Hopefully HJ will be published in a box.

    yea and you can only get the basics from a user's manual and there is no telling when something in that manual is changed so you'll be reading about something that was changed or doesnt exist in the game anymore. for an MMO, the longer its been out, the less accurate the manual is except the basics.
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    Dynamic environments

    yea, when it turned night on DAoC you would get soo much aggro just cause you didnt see the mob till you were almost on top of it. that sucked and if you were questing and looking for a certain mob to kill them clicking around to find the mob sucked also since they didnt have a mouseover feature.
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    if i had to choose between and underpopulated or underpowered faction and one that was overpopulated or overpowered i would go for the underdog. I just like to try the impossible and if a game is more challenging then it will grasp you longer and keep you into it. if everything was really easy...
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    well myspace

    O.o, i never got into myspace but... if there was one like myspace but for gamers i 'think' i would do that one
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    System requirements.

    yeah, waht Aries said lol
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    A non-HJ post.. Favorite band/genre

    I like tons of different kinds of music. if its got a good beat i'll listen to it. i mostly like alot of rock/pop alternative. but like i said i will listen to almost anything. country/rap/rock/pop/alternative/grunge/ i love it all. band- Nickelback song... hrmm very hard one cause i dont have...
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    GFX Ok, how?

    thanks! the wolf at the far right end fits in there perfectly lol. i love the way it blends in with the rest of the sig, all thanks to frostydf2!
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