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  1. secretsliesintheseeyes

    Ghost Video

    Ok I think some of the pics in this vid are real some might be faked I'm not sure really so I thought I would post it and see what you think to it its got me stumped as to how many are fake how many are real I've watched this a few times and I'm sure there are 2 or 3 fakes in there but I don't...
  2. secretsliesintheseeyes

    Paranormal Animals

    ok these 2 videos contain "paranormal" animals and mythical animals are they real or fake i can't tell by myself maybe you can help
  3. secretsliesintheseeyes

    Weird Video

    ok i have no idea what to think about this its freaky so is it real or fake? i dont know
  4. secretsliesintheseeyes

    Nick Vujicic

    ok this is nick vujicic the mos insperational guy on this planet this post will be long with the links but believe me they are all worth a watch this guy is amazing my fave clip of his YouTube - I Love Living Life. I Am Happy. Nick Vujicic life without limbs YouTube - Nick Vujicic 01/13 ...
  5. secretsliesintheseeyes

    some of my shots :)

    these are just some pics i took earlier in the year i had to take them off my deviantart account
  6. secretsliesintheseeyes

    Fave songs right now

    i have a few Breaking Benjamin - had enough Jimmy Eat World - Hear you me Jimmy Eat Word - My Sundown theres more i'll post them later :)
  7. secretsliesintheseeyes

    whats the weather like

    its not bad here sunny warm nice :)
  8. secretsliesintheseeyes

    Everything - Lifehouse

    Everything by Lifehouse this is an incredably beautiful song i love it as Rick might guess by now :P it truly is brill :) enjoy YouTube - Everything by Lifehouse Lyrics Find Me Here Speak To Me I want to feel you I need to hear you You are the light That's leading me To the place where I find...
  9. secretsliesintheseeyes

    hi :) from (not so sunny) scotland

    Heyy all :) I'm Craig I'm 22 from Scotland :) (though sometimes i wish i was from a warmer place lol) so that's all for now :) oh and :coool!: site :D
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