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    When did this board come back online?

    Hooray, good ol' AA is back after a (maybe) 10-day "vacation." Now to get to a Verdantheart column--especially the not-so-great 3rd season--where that season needed all the help (via critiques) it could get.
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    When did this board come back online?

    Well, AA has taken a few "holidays," (to my regret and sorrow) with an interim of about a month between. Thank you, thank you to everyone on the Board for bringing back the superb AA. (What's a day without reading a Verdantheart column?) As to SD-6, it's my recollection (and I could be wrong)...
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    When did this board come back online?

    HELLO, Spy Dude.... And what a relief that it came on again. I checked in several times a day during the interim hoping-hoping we hadn't lost AA--at least currently all is right in Aliasverse. If I remember correctly, AA was lost in cyberspace about 4-5 days, but don't quote me. My other worry...
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    Vaughn - original concept?

    Hello. and a happy New Year to all--even without "Alias." I would have liked to have had the show go on to its original (or so I understood) 7th season, but alas and alack. I remember reading a statement by JJAbrams (remember him?)--perhaps issued at the time of the 3rd season--evidently at...
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    Merrin Replaced on Grey's Anatomy spin-off Private Practice

    Speaking of changes, does anybody know if there has been any changes of actors in Michael Vartan's "Big Shots" yet to be aired pilot? Don't know much about pilots, but as Alias Mom pointed out, a pilot is essentially the venue for personnel changes. Didn't see the "Private Practice" episode...
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    Season 5 Australia sux

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    "Justice" - Victor's show

    Hello, Alias Fan Sweden: Sorry, can't tell you about just how many episodes there were of "Justice;" perhaps other posters can answer your question. However, I do want to mention that VG is scheduled for a new show--there will be more information about it later. I'm not sure about the title...
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    Alias Episodes

    I know what you mean--can't get enough of Alias. I've been watching the episodes and re-reading AA's Verdantheart columns. Her interpretation of storyline and characterization really helped me better understand and appreciate each and every episode. Well, it's only natural that I didn't always...
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    Season 4 Who else was happy?

    Regarding languages, I took Latin and Spanish in high school/college--and would advise Latin because it greatly influences English grammar (e.g., remember the verbs "to be" --is, are, etc.--never take an object?) However, I always wanted to learn French. So for all of you who speak and write...
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    Season 2 2 yrs later

    I absolutely agree with you re. Vaughn's marriage. He might have acquired -- in the two year period Sydney was missing -- a somewhat casual girlfriend, but marriage never. I don't know how far you have advanced in your viewing, so I don't want to "spoil" you, but, anyway, be prepared for some...
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    Season 4 I Miss Lauren!

    Nope--don't miss her. As much as I disliked her character--the writers didn't do the actress any favors in turning her into a duplicitous evil-doer where there was no previous discernable character build up to that effect. I gather that the writers just didn't quite know what to do with her...
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    Season 5 The Horizon

    Well, here goes. I'll give it my best shot (I think)-- the Sphere of Life and The Horizon were two different magic vessels, so to speak. As you mentioned, Sloane and Nadia found and retrieved the Sphere in 3-22, 'Resurrection"--Siena, Italy--that mission shown in flashback form in The Descent...
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    Season 4 Did Jack really kill Irina?

    Hello, Late Watcher: Thought I'd do my best to help in some way. (I've been an obsessed "Alias" viewer since the very first episode [which aired just a few weeks after 9/11] and haven't missed an episode. Alas and alack--as you well know, there'll be no more episodes). Although I don't know...
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    Season 5 Un-tied loose ends

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