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  1. K

    Season 4 Rate: In Dreams...

    Was I the only one who half expected Arvin Clone to yell "...OR DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND?!?" after almost everything he said. Especially when he said something like "Am I the impersonator....and is it you who is cloning me?" Maybe it was just me. Hahaha :satisfied:
  2. K

    Phasing Vaughn out?

    Whew! I was hoping it was just me. Cuz after that last episode, I felt sorta left down and angry. I adore this show (duh, why else would I be here? haha) and what they've been doing this season so far, but I've just been getting kinda worried. I miss Season 2 SV when they'd be shown at home...
  3. K

    Phasing Vaughn out?

    Did anyone else notice in the last episode, The Index, how Vaughn was totally seperated from everyone? I heard that Michael was having trouble interacting with the cast (specifically Jen), and I wonder if it's just starting to appear on the the show now. I mean, why bring back Michael's dad? And...