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    Australian Addicts Unite 3

    :huh: *awkward silence....*
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    Australian Addicts Unite 3

    Ive been lurking,and is it just me,or do the aussies rule this site?Over 36,000 replies per topic compared to around 2 to 3 thousand for all the others? Ozzies Rule!!! :cool:
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    G'day from Down Under

    :ph34r: Hey there,I too am a newbie.....fromWest Oz,and its unbelievable the support for Alias in the land down under.I have followed it from the start and though I dont agree with everything that happens...(no,this is not Friends....STOP DATING!!) I still cant seem to pull myself away from...
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    Aussie Rules?

    Hey,I live in WA and cant stand the Eagles.....GO the Roos!!!!Umm,maybe next year....